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  1. Evening all, My old dad has riden trials on and off all his life. He has riden bultacos the last 15 years or so.but now finds them too heavy. I personally think it may have somthing to do with lack of maintenance and the bike being a bag of bolts! Any way........I am wondering if there is an alternative for him. He is convinced a lightweight trick bsa bantam holds all the answers. I reckon a modern lil 4 stroke with electric start. Either way just wanna keep the old boy riding . Many thanks
  2. Barman said you cant bring that in here Man walks into a bar with a time machine. .............
  3. My sister was the driving force behind the sidecarcross purchase and she is going to be the passanger. I am back at my dads this weekend so I will get out into the shed and try to get some pictures of the bultaco chair. I will get some close ups of the welds to the frame and how we went about making it all work.
  4. Not strictly trials but here is my new toy I bought today.
  5. Loving the fact you update you topic as you get stuff done. Its a bit of a how too guide that I am following
  6. Last night whilst the wife was asleep I swapped her tampon for a party popper with the string hanging out. Turns out that she doesn't have a sense of humour 1st thing in the morning
  7. I must admit I bought the chair pre built and modified to suit the bultaco. Its at my dads at the moment but I will take lots of pictures and post them up soon. The man to ask about side cars is paul who has posted above. He has given me plenty of help via email on this build.
  8. Pictures and video please. Can you let us in on your other creations.
  9. Not sure. I bolted it on 5 years ago and it is still going. I think you can adjust it by rotating the back plate but you would have to ask dave renham or one of his colleagues.
  10. Stair lifts they drive me up the bloody wall!!!
  11. bultoboy

    Bash Plate

    To be honest you dont need one.I have had my bultaco159 since I was 13 so over 12 years (I was 6ft tall even at that age) and learnt to ride trials on it. As you can imagine I have had some pretty hairy crashes as a part of my learning curve (two dislocated shoulders and a dislocated ankle) but never did I damage the engine cases. The only time I damaged the cases was when my chain came off and smashed the back of the ignition cover. My fault as I took the chain well past its best before date. I must admit my lower tubes are not in perfect condition but it shows that the bike is used not just to look at.
  12. Really like the slow mo. Where I ride is all mud and muck so I get stumped on rocks and quarrys. Seeing your slow mo shots shows very well how to preload the suspension and getting it to work in your favour. Keep them comming.
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