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  1. Thanks for all the replies, I'll investigate further today
  2. Now my old kill switch won't kill the bike! What is happening?!!!!
  3. It would appear, after disconnecting the kill switch i got a spark. Swapping the kill switch connections around made no difference. I then tested the switch. Magnet off readings from 0.05 to over 1. With magnet on readings from 0.9 to over 20. Click it on and off a few times and the readings are sporadic to say the least. Tried my old switch back on and it works again. New switch coming from supplier who is great to deal with. Thanks all for your assistance and hopefully it will be all good from now on ?
  4. I actually did find a wire from earth/ground no connected to anything but it was yellow & green like house electrics use and thought it was maybe something fitted by someone previous. There are also 2 black wires that come from the front of the radiator, one with a ring terminal and one taped end. Guessing they are not used or may have been in the past.
  5. Thanks, I'll have a look. I checked all the continuity from the stator and it appears within tolerance if not bang on the figures. Need to find figure for each of the other components.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I actually tried the old switch again and it still didn't have a spark but I will try it with the new one tomorrow.
  7. So I have check my wiring which I haven't touched other than the kill switch! And compared to the Gas Gas wiring diagram its different. I'm confused because it was running. I have attached a drawing of my wiring next to the Gas Gas one for comparison. Thanks in anticipation!
  8. Hi, I'm sure this question has been asked a million times but here it is again. Bike running perfectly and decided to fit a new magnetic kill switch. Easy peasy, unplug the old one from the CDi side and then swap the earth/ground over from old to new. It was pre wired for terminals. Now no spark and I have checked every wire under the tank for breaks, not being connected, etc. NOTHING I have a multi meter but not the small probes to check resistance in the CDi multi plug Can anyone help please?
  9. Have a look at this stuff. I have been using it on my cars and bikes. Biodegradable and excellent on your machine. https://ammoprobike.co.uk/product-category/offroad/?product_order=desc
  10. Thanks, I'll try and figure out what's on it, I would imagine standard. Then I'll give them a look
  11. Hi, I'm new here and just got my 2005 gas gas txt pro 280. I have been thinking that the rear spring is a bit soft as it sags when i stand onto he bike a fair bit. I'm around 16st if this helps. Thanks
  12. Has a domino throttle on it and not exactly sure of the overall setup but am happy enough just now! Sure I will want to mess with things.
  13. Been messing already. Needs a very little tlc.
  14. Well, gas gas txt 280 picked up this morning! Will need some advice but will look for appropriate forum to discuss.
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