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  1. Tomm156

    2010 evo tuning

    How can I tell if it has a flywheel weight? Is it just a case or removing it?
  2. Tomm156

    2010 evo tuning

    Hi all, don’t feel like my new to me evo 290 is a crisp as it should be I’m going to check the float level and the clip on the needle position, can anyone tell me what the default position for the clip is please? thanks
  3. Hi all, I have been looking for a pair of trousers to wear when riding, looking around at All big makes they all remind me of woman’s leggings! Can anyone recommend a looser fitting pair? I did think of motocross trousers but worry they wouldn’t have the stretch. Something about wearing skin tight trousers doesn’t apeal thanks
  4. Tomm156

    Age of beta 300

    Thanks everyone for the help. Spoken to the seller and hopefully we can sort something out. What would have been a reasonable price for the above bike? Don’t want to rip him off and don’t want to pay over the odds so just a fair estimate please, thanks again
  5. Tomm156

    Age of beta 300

    As above really, just getting back into trials after a few years off. Bought a bike as a 2014 but think it’s a bit older. Can anyone help me with the age please? Also hat should I be expecting as a trade in against an evo 4t? Thanks
  6. Hi, back riding trials again, used to ride when I was 16 now back 10 years later. Got myself a beta evo 300, bought as a 2014 but looking like it’s actually a 2012 thanks
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