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  1. tried

    Montesa 348 349 help

    Yes, brand new plug, which oiled up quickly.
  2. tried

    Montesa 348 349 help

    Thankyou for everybody's help. I measured the carburettor and it's a 28mm Mikuni. So i dn't think its that. Going to to address tha timming, points and condensor, also the leak down test next. Cheers
  3. tried

    Montesa 348 349 help

    Hello, it's a great bike. What is a leak down test? The bike ticks over but as soon as you want more revs the bike backfires and fluffs big time. Not rideable. Tried a 24mm carb from a fantic and ran slightly better, but still not rideable . The carb on it is unrecognisable. No numbers. Cheers.
  4. Hello, I've recently purchased a 348/349 montesa cota! The frame number is 51m20333 and the engine number is 51m00221. Can anybody help identify what model and what engine it has? I want to buy the correct sized carburetor for it as it runs very poor! Cheers.
  5. If you have your belly pan fitted on the bongo , it should not be a problem. My bongo does bottom out occasionally but never caused a problem.
  6. Yes mate, we have a bongo which carries my sons big wheel beta 80 in the back, and my bike on a Dave cooper rack on the tow bar! Bomgo.. What a great bit of kit! Hope this helps.
  7. Yellow Spring. How can you check that the shock/Spring is any good?
  8. Just brought a 2006 big wheel Rev 80. Parked the bike next to my 4rt and noticed that the seat height on the beta is 50mm higher. Is this correct? Should I fit the standard yellow shock which came with the bike? If so, how do I check that it's ok? The bike is for a 10 year old. Thanks
  9. Thanks everyone, shame there's only the 1 Brit competing. Still be a great night though!
  10. Going to Sheffield in January and was wondering whether there will be any Brits riding?
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