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  1. Pity the manufacturers dont ....
  2. Adjusted the chain on my 17 trs yesterday . Noticed the 6mm adjuster bolts seemed tight . Carefully removed them and saw rust on the threads but no damage . Greased and put back . Might be worth other owners checking before it becomes a bigger problem .
  3. jon kay

    Trs front spindle

    Thanks for the reply will take another look tonight
  4. jon kay

    Trs front spindle

    Tried to remove front wheel this evening but so tight i have given up . Had the bike about two months ( 2017 250 rr ) so only washed it two or three times . Guessing it has possibly never been removed . Soaked the threaded end in wd and will remove forks at weekend and try to twist them to loosen it . Anyone else had issues with Tech forks spindles ?
  5. Hi What number slide did you get and did you change the needle also ? Cheers
  6. Ha ha my boots weigh more than me so thats not the issue. Difference was noticed when bikes were un-laden
  7. Notice my mates Beta Evo has more ground clearance than my trs . Linkage bearings are good and sag is no more than 15mm . Doesn't stop me riding just bugs me now I'm aware of the difference . Anyone else noticed or has a suggestion on a fix ?
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