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  1. Seen this mentioned before, all I can say is I've had 5 betas over the years, never had one jump out of any gear, and never had to replace a mudguard either. There are a lot of beta's in my area too and never heard of anyone else having s problem, strange?
  2. Have a word with Steve Bamford at Casa Monte's trials holidays. He is in Andalucia, I remember him saying Spanish license is very expensive, 3 to 4 hundred euros, think he used to ride under ACU license ?
  3. greychapel


    Not sure if it was the same problem, but a mate of mine rebuilt my front wheel for me with new nipples on original spokes and he said he had to run a tap through the nipples to get them to fit properly, he made the tap by cutting a slot in an old spoke!
  4. Allen millyard has some videos on his you tube channel showing how he splits and builds up crankshafts for his multi cylinder specials
  5. Check the throttle slide they are soft metal on the Bing carb and wear quickly and can then jam, especially on full/ high throttle openings....I know from experience ?
  6. Yes it should unscrew easily, I used a socket and it was only hand tight, as there is a rubber washer seal
  7. Watch other (competent) riders, note the speed and technique
  8. Enjoyed it 1st time around, well worth a look...parc ferme " car park"?
  9. Most wins to its registration?
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