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  1. greychapel

    Beta Alp parts

    May be different set up on newer models, on the brake pedal i have bolted an extra "toe pad" half way down
  2. greychapel

    Beta Alp parts

    On my old y 2000 alp you simply reverse the footrests to "rear set" them ie put them on the opposite side facing backwards
  3. greychapel

    Miller Bultaco or Whitlock?

    I thought so too!
  4. greychapel

    Tubeless tire leaking air trial

    bath of water should show where its leaking
  5. greychapel

    Frame number problem?

    Never heard of a 370 myself
  6. greychapel

    Bolt behind seat

    my 76 159 has it (just looked!) but no bolt, think my earlier bikes had it too, something to do with manufacturing?
  7. greychapel

    Anyone know about this?

    is that the team with a small but clever leader? they call him footballs cunning gnome.
  8. greychapel

    Sister Sport

    I am guessing, but 1. they have found a way around the rule on weight distribution? and 2, to lower the gearing? I think there is a rule about what tyres they can use, basically a standard road tyre
  9. greychapel

    Ty 175 to pump or not to pump

    never seen a bike used in competition with the oil pump in use, they tend to be a bit generous with the oil and cause poor running. I run my 175 whitehawk on 60:1 synthetic 2t mix
  10. greychapel

    Is it Bent?

    could it be the mounting bracket bent? Unsure of the design on these, but it doesn't take much to alter the angle of the stand.
  11. greychapel

    Kick Starting a 2018 Beta Evo 200

    All I can say is I am 67 and have a 200 beta evo and find it a doddle to start, I am used to left foot kicking as I have had bultacos since 1968 I still have no problems with my T350 bulto either, it's about technique, Kickstarter at 10 past and firm prod, not a "kick"
  12. greychapel

    clutch spring tool

    I have always used 2 pairs of pliers, one opened to push down and a pointy nosed to slip pin in
  13. no, I was not suggesting this, I was just partially answering the original question. why are the spanish so strong, theey help their good young riders with money raised from exorbitant license fees
  14. it's not just trials, the Spanish are pretty dominant in Motogp too, a lot of it is the way their federation is set set up to progress and support young riders who show promise, I believe a trials license about 300 euros and presumably more for road race etc this money is ploughed back into the sport to help young talent.
  15. greychapel

    Classic trials from the late 60s and SSDT 1970

    Brilliant, takes me back to when I started riding😁