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  1. Watch other (competent) riders, note the speed and technique
  2. Enjoyed it 1st time around, well worth a look...parc ferme " car park"😀
  3. Most wins to its registration?
  4. superb, chrome frame, believe the guy's name was/is Robin Rhind-Tutt
  5. stator is the common fail on these
  6. just googles it, trials and scrambles,interesting box section spine frame, acting as fuel tank on the trials model, remembered seeing one in the late 60's
  7. looks exactly like the hub of my 76 m159, not sure when they introduced that style hub
  8. bath of water should show where its leaking
  9. Never heard of a 370 myself
  10. my 76 159 has it (just looked!) but no bolt, think my earlier bikes had it too, something to do with manufacturing?
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