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  1. I am 71 and still riding, i started trials at age 16 in 1967, so i say carry on as long as you enjoy it.
  2. May not be relevant but worth checking, had similar problems with my Evo, when i took the trigger/ pick up coil off to check the stator there was a lump of dirt/ grease on it, i cleaned off with solvent and lo and behold everything was fine again
  3. Evo totally different bike, huge improvement went ftom rev3 to evo and was gobsmacked
  4. As someone who rides motorcycles almost every day and also an agricultural quad with thumb throttle every day, I can't say i notice much difference in "controllability ". I will say though that in the situation described I use the clutch rather than the twistgrip on my trials bike to "check " after blippkng over an obstacle, still I applaud your inventiveness
  5. greychapel


    You could try the universal bar risers off flea bay, they clamp into the existing mounts and then the bars clamp on top, the have removable inserts to allow for normal or fat bars
  6. Just did a quick google check, here is the official blurb What is the ethanol content of your fuels? ... Esso super unleaded petrol (Synergy Supreme+ Unleaded 97 and Synergy Supreme+ 99 ) is ethanol free (Except in Devon, Cornwall, North Wales, North England and Scotland).
  7. Maybe of interest to folk with fibreglass tanks, Esso do an ethanol free fuel, 99 octane, i think its called synergy 99 it is ethanol free in most parts of the uk, but not all so check your area
  8. Too true, now 70 and riding when i can hopefully
  9. Has the sump had a bump recently? I have known hitting the sump on a log or rock dislodge the clutch case gasket.
  10. Seen this mentioned before, all I can say is I've had 5 betas over the years, never had one jump out of any gear, and never had to replace a mudguard either. There are a lot of beta's in my area too and never heard of anyone else having s problem, strange?
  11. Have a word with Steve Bamford at Casa Monte's trials holidays. He is in Andalucia, I remember him saying Spanish license is very expensive, 3 to 4 hundred euros, think he used to ride under ACU license ?
  12. greychapel


    Not sure if it was the same problem, but a mate of mine rebuilt my front wheel for me with new nipples on original spokes and he said he had to run a tap through the nipples to get them to fit properly, he made the tap by cutting a slot in an old spoke!
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