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  1. Thanks Woody, it is the top hat spacer on the brake plate side that is missing, I didn't realise they had one! That must be what John was referring to in his note tome. R
  2. I knew I was asking for trouble as soon as I posted that one!
  3. Is it possible to tell the age of a Gas Gas from the engine number?
  4. I am breaking a 2007 Gas Gas Pro 125 engine for spares. I think most parts but the top end are common the the 200 Pro but I wonder if anyone knows are any other parts common to other models? Apart from wanting to get the best offer when I auction them, I was to be sure to reach people who may be struggling to find these bits.
  5. Thank you Lorenzo, I spoke to Dave Renham a couple of years ago about spacers and he wasn't supplying them back then. Good to know I can get them now. I may have it sorted by the time there is another trial! Thanks again for taking toe trouble to reply.
  6. Thank you, I am beginning to wonder if the top hat spacer is missing and maybe that was the one I needed to find. very kind of you, many thanks!
  7. I bought my late friend's 198A and want to finish the restoration. He left instruction that the front wheel spacer was the wrong one. Can anyone tell me the correct dimensions for this spacer or better still, where I can get one? I have an ocean of new and used parts that came with the bike but not that particular spacer! Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Hopeless doesn't matter and it is not 'the taking part', it is about enjoying yourself and having fun. When I started out I could barely beat little kids on Beta mini trails on the beginners route. Two years or so later those little kids were riding the novice route while I was still back at the beginners route! It doesn't matter, you will never be Toni Bou but you will have your own measurement of success to please you. My best friend and riding partner was an amputee having lost his right leg from above the knee. We were both hopeless but in equal measure for different reasons! Four years running we took a week out and traveled to Spain to take part in a 2 day twinshock trial, we never finished and only ever completed half of the trial in 4 years! It didn't matter, the event itself was a fabulous thing to be a part of. It should be all about having fun on a Sunday rather than just watching!
  9. I have a number of spares for sale on Ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233869786458
  10. Small end bearing should be 18x23x24 but best place to check is with Crooks Suzuki in Barrow in Furness.
  11. About horizontal is the correct engagement position on the silver engine RL250. All is well, don't panic!
  12. Hi TRS Fan, The pages you so very kindly scanned for Phil are from the Black Engine Beamish manual which is already online with the Beamish Owners Club http://www.beamishownersclub.com/pdf/BEWMall.pdf
  13. Hi Phil, Fork wipes for the Suzuki are no longer available but you can use an alternative if you can track one down. Fork wipes are 35mm x 48mm Honda GB500. CB500 or CB750 part # 91254-434-003. Hope that helps.
  14. I always used what the Beamish recommended 20/50W mulitgrade, it is cheap to buy so you can change it regularly. ATF is way to thin, your gearbox won't like it or be lubricated properly!
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