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  1. If I was in your shoes carl I wouldn't hesitate , just take it back to the seller (dealer) and get your money back !! sounds like trouble and a can of worms !! someone is having somebody's pants down along the line here . If your new to the game you want something wots right from the off .
  2. parsy

    2019 RR Vs One

    The TRS is the first time I have been able to buy a new bike and my brothers TRS is 2nd hand. I have never ridden a one but people I have talked to at clubman level have had no issues with the one model and say that it is a cracking bike. If you can afford it, I would certainly buy a RR, there's plenty of them around in mint condition.
  3. parsy

    2019 RR Vs One

    I would just like to say it looks like there is some nit picking going on here on the TRS, I'm currently on my third TRS, forth if I was to take into account my brothers 250rr. To be fair all modern European trials bikes are much of a muchness, they all have problems in their own way. Manufacturers build the bikes to make them as light as possible (power to weight ratio).Trials bikes are not bullet proof, if they were they would be a lot heavier and a lot more expensive. I have had many different makes and models of trials bikes over the years and yet to find one without issues in some form. Manufacturers are a business and need to make money like any other business, it is not a hobby for them. In the motorcycle industry build quality has dropped probably due to parts being sourced from other countries for a lower cost. Any trials bike ridden in anger without maintenance is bound to deteriorate. In my opinion TRS is the best of the bunch, having maintained my own bikes plus my brothers. I have found that the build quality far better than other makes, also support from Steve Saunders (TRS Importer) is second to none. Other importers should take a leaf out of his book. He will help with any issues and customer service from him is first class. At the end of day it's down to personal preference and parting with pound notes! TRS all the way for me. Cheers Rich (TRS Gold - TRS RR)
  4. parsy


    Andy Kelley , what more can you say , top quality guards which fit like a glove, the man is a star! He gives one hell of a service for be-spoke cottage industry. I wish there was other people like himself in the game, 100% recommended .
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