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  1. Maybe the risk of conntracctinng or passing on covid is low... But if something happens and you need hospital or other medical attention due to wanting to just go for a play on your trials bike you are putting an unnecessary load on the hospitals and health services... That's one of, amongst others the ACU as well as other bodies like football and things have probably stopped training sessions.
  2. mattv6

    Buying a 4rt

    Check the rear suspension dog bone bearings for free play... If they aren't regularly cleaned and greased they get rusty and bad leading to needing new bearings and bushes. Other than that... Great bikes... I love them.
  3. Yes, it'll be tps going to 101% and the ecu says NO. As described above, put something in the stop in the throttle body to limit the travel.
  4. mattv6

    4RT tilt switch

    No, the standard stop buttons were on the handle bars next to the clutch lever... A red push button.
  5. mattv6

    4RT tilt switch

    Personally I'd fit a lanyard... And keep the bank angle sensor. It's hardly considered heavy and if the bike does fall over for any reason and the kill switch/lanyard doesn't come off/kill the engine it's nice to know it will stop before any oil starvation... Leading to an expensive engine rebuild. For the sake of a few grams and not having to modify with the water tight wiring system I prefer to keep it in place and stay safe.
  6. I use mce, they found it even while the bike was still in the process of being registered so may not of been been found using the reg number... Quite a lot of the 301rr and also 2014 or newer bikes are on the dvla as a Honda, with the model as cota.
  7. £15 for a day of motorsport...you can't get much better value than that. I think most people complaining about this kind of thing have very little input into the organisation and running of events and probably fail to notice that a significant proportion of the organisers and observers are in one way or another connected to youth rider. from having been event secretary, I can assure you at no trial I've been involved in have adult entry fees subsidised youth riders...it is just cheaper to encourage them into our sport to keep it going long into the future.
  8. Thunder road - Gloucester, the honda and montesa dealer in Gloucester, UK are the people I get my montesa parts from.
  9. Make sure you are refering to is as a honda...I spent ages trying to insure my 260 repsol montesa...but the insurance companies have them down as hondas.
  10. mattv6

    4rt running rough

    It will be the throttle position sensor in the throttle body. basically as they get worn the throttle sensor will go past 100% and 101% doesn't compute in the ECU so it causes the fault you described. Easy solution is to remove the plastic cover off the side of the throttle body and put a very thin shim under the wide open throttle stop, bringing it back to with in the 0 - 100% limits...much cheaper than buying a new throttle body. I've had this on one of my well used 4rt's and have come across it a few times. Hope it helps, Matt.
  11. mattv6

    4rt wont start

    Give it one or two slow kicks with the throttle half open, then kick it again with the throttle completely shut and she should purr into life. I believe they need the fist two kicks to prime the fuel system.
  12. Info is on the todo trial website, Well...just stickers and a brake pedal form the outside and the usual update to suspension tweaks and maps. Interesting that they changed the piston design and added an extra piston ring (I think this is what the translation was saying!) moving from 1 compression ring and 1 oil ring to 2 rings and an oil ring. Have people found issues with the 2016 300rr's...do they start to rattle from the piston end sooner than the 260cc bikes? The standard 260cc bikes have 2 rings and 1 oil ring.
  13. Mine was fine for the 8 months or so that owned the bike for after that. I sold it then to get another 4rt. Not because it was a problem, just because I wanted a 260cc 4rt.
  14. Trials bikes are exempt from ABS. The new regulation is Reg 168/2013 as ammended by 134/2014 and under Annex VIII...it confirms that L3e-A1T, L3e-A2T and L3e-A3T motorcycles are exempt from the mandatory fitment of ABS...L3e-A1T, L3e-A2T and L3e-A3T all relate to trials bikes. FYI - this also applies to enduro bikes as well.
  15. I had that exact same problem on my 2009 4rt, turned out to be the throttle position sensor in the throttle body. I removed the cover and made a small shim so the throttle went to 99% only and it solved it...saved replacing the throttle body. My assumption was that the TPS sensed 101%, and ecu decided that isn't possible so gets its self I a bit of a twist. If you can borrow one maybe try someone else's throttle body. Hope this helps.
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