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  1. I'm 71 and returned to trials riding after a break of 30 odd years , I feel as though i've got a new gang of good mates and ride every weekend at Hooton Lodge not far from Pontefract, it would be good to see you there , Steve.
  2. thanks for all the replies plenty to think about, I'll have to blag a ride on a 125 and an 80, cheers
  3. oldlegs

    2021 301RR

    I much prefer the plain ally frame which shows off the welding around the head stock
  4. I'll soon be 71years young and enjoying trials practice with a great bunch of riders on my 250cc trials bike I still get a buzz climbing steep gradients and tight turns over logs etc. but starting to need something much lighter and easier to kick start. I've considered a 125 but they don't feel much lighter than a 250 indeed a lot of the cycle parts are the same. So what are your thoughts of a 5ft 9inch 12stone 71 year young having fun on modern 80cc big wheel .
  5. I suspect that if its ticking over too slow the generator is not pushing enough out to power the fuel pump for the fuel injection and the fan so when the fan tries to run it robs power from pump and cause the stumble.
  6. oldlegs

    4RT tilt switch

    thanks for all the replies so would I just connect the two wires from the new lanyard switch to the press the button switch wires and is it a standard fit on the 2015 4RT to have the engine stop button mounted on the right hand side of the frame near the headstock thanks
  7. oldlegs

    4RT tilt switch

    I'm about to buy a 2015 Montesa 4RT and noticed there is no lanyard ignition cut out on the handle bars but there is a cut out switch on the frame near the head stock, the present owner said it does not need the lanyard type because they are fitted with a tilt switch which cuts the ignition as soon as the bike falls over, is this correct and can they be relied on or should I fit a lanyard type to be on the safe side if so do I just couple it up to the same wires that go to the stop switch on the frame ,Thanks Steve.
  8. oldlegs

    Sherco TY 125

    I was looking at a new Sherco TY 125 yesterday , fancying one because of the electric start, the dealer was very honest and said they were a toy and soon over heated when used out of the breeze in the woods because of the small air cooled fins.
  9. Thanks for your quick reply.
  10. does the later 260 4RT have maintenance free valve clearance adjustment such as hydraulic tappets or do they need shims and if so how often , thanks
  11. oldlegs

    Rear brake lever

    If you mean free play as in you can lift up the lever with no resistance mine was the same with no means of adjusting the amount of travel, so I used a tiewrap over a small piece of rubber on top of the lever which limited the travel against the frame, the master cylinder push rod could almost drop out of the master cylinder before I did this
  12. Had time this morning to have a look at my Sherco stf 250 and it's the same as yours so good to go, at least you have brought it to our attention so if we strip ours down we know what to expect
  13. Hi, 2 months ago I bought my Sherco 250 after more than 35 years not riding trials bikes and I am loving it , really enjoying reading this forum
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