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  1. Mac1

    4rt wont start

    Problem solved. Changed the plug and moved the bike to a warm garage, was in a steel container. Starts no bother on 3rd kick. Thanks for all your suggesstions. Cheers
  2. Mac1

    4rt wont start

    Thanks for all your response, ill give it another go when i get a new plug. Will a CR6ah9 be ok?
  3. Mac1

    4rt wont start

    The bikes a 2015 model,
  4. Mac1

    4rt wont start

    Thanks for replying Basil. Already tried without throttle. Took spark plug out, was black so i cleaned it and put it back in with no Joy. Ill get a new plug on monday. Also increased the idle, made a purr but thats all.
  5. Mac1

    4rt wont start

    Hi Im new to these trial bikes bear with me for my lack of knowledge. Bought a bike yesterday started on the fourth kick at the shop, tried starting this morning and no go. I do reset the ecu and press the kill switch before trying to start. Many thanks in advance
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