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  1. I have issues with my ankles broken roadracing, and now have limited movement. I have lowered the pedal as much as possible (21 evo 300) better but its still bit awkward at times. Same on mx bike i have a double step lever tip whereas when i am sitting its lower outside i can access and when standing the inner side is cmfortable.
  2. To expand on my post above.. As a newbie to me it looked like the splat was different.. but DB and zap very similar. Now that i have studied it a bit and practicing i get it.
  3. Started this sport after getting a bike about 3 months ago, and at first all the terms were all inner twined with the 3 terms came across like more or less doing the same thing. But over time watched videos and got the idea and concepts. I see how people that come from outside the sport are confused, as at first it looks so similar at first.
  4. Motopv


    Thank you all for the information! Been super helpful.. Now if i can just get better at this.. LOL Must admit its super challenging. And so addicting. My wife keeps making fun of me when i am working on balance in the garage, "you went from trying to go faster than everyone else, and now you want to see if you can go slower than everyone else" Pretty funny... Cheers
  5. Motopv


    Ok yes the 118 rise should help. thank you. Now to try to find as I am living in puerto vallarta mexico. Trial here is super rare. Hope to see it grow. There must be many like me with body beat up from roadracing and mx. I am new to this and hooked. by the way after 2 months maybe 4 or 5 liters run through bike I practice balance in my garage few minutes per day, it’s bit more difficult as surface slick concrete. But motor off it’s few to maybe 5 seconds motor running 10 to best of around 30 seconds. I never thought this would be that difficult 🙈😂 Any tips greatly appreciated! cheers
  6. Motopv


    Thank you gentlemen I appreciate all the input.
  7. Motopv


    2021 beta 300
  8. Motopv


    At least GG clamp is separate the beta is part of upper triple clamp
  9. Motopv


    Hi and thank you for the input, yes initial thought but the bar mount on the beta is not the norm. its a hinged clamp,
  10. Motopv


    In hopes someone may know. I am looking to order a set of Renthal 673 bars for my '21 evo 300. Has anyone gone from stock to these? Looking to get maybe 1/2 in rise. Not excited about changing geometry but, I have wrist and back problems going back to ama wera and afm roadracing days. Back is big challenge as i have bone to bone and various other issues. Well enough of that... I was hoping to find the stock dimensions on line of the OEM bars but unable and i am not near the bike for a few days. Thanks in advance if anyone can help
  11. I love the compilation Haggetty. I get it all... LOL I am New to Trials, Just got a 2021 300 evo. Background is fast. raced ama afm wera roadracing and mx and enduro. So this is a new world.. Moved to mexico some years back and the next trials event here is a national in mexico city. I am going to go and give it a whirl... Nothing to loose nothing to prove. Just want to have some fun.
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