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  1. Has anyone got a 1998 dougie lampkin replcia? I need some photos of the front mudguard for a vinyl company to make some stickers for my bike. If anyone could help that would be great .
  2. Hi Im reading a few of your old posts and just wondered if you still using trials central ?

    And have you still got the beta techno ?

  3. yes the forks was extended?
  4. HI Can anyone help me? I just done the fork seals and fork oil on my beta techno forks and the fork is not returning up to its correct position, Does anyone know why ??
  5. Hi, has anyone got a 1999 beta techno i need the dimensions of the graphics to get some made if you could help me that would be much appreciated. The graphics in question are pictured need the overall length and height please.
  6. I may do so when its finished, Its still a very well built bike, even if some retard has owned and wrecked it.
  7. Thanks rcgods getting hold of the parts is the problem.
  8. Thanks rich500 i need some encouragement at this present moment ive got some pics bike is completed stripped its going to be a nut and bolt restoration as long as parts are available. ?
  9. Hi, Im looking for stickers for a beta techno 1999 dougie lampkin and they are impossible to find. What do i need to make them ?
  10. Hi, I Just bought a Beta Techno Dougie Lampkin replica. It was in terrible condition as the previous owner neglected the bike big time. I had to buy it, as what a waste of a bike. But to be honest, i think i paid a bit too much for the bike in the condition it was in (£600). On closer inspection nearly every bearing has gone on it and will all need replacing. I am on the lookout for a wokrshop manual. I have the owners manual but it doesn't really go into too much detail. I have started the restoration of the bike and i am finding it hard to source parts for it. I will try to upload some pics when i can.
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