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  1. You can get a lever style fuel tap from these guys : https://www.trialsuk.co.uk/Beta-Fuel-Tap---EVO80REV80REV50---Lever-Style?search=fuel tap More efficient & easier to use.
  2. 4 X 18 like all big bikes. See here: https://betausa.com/content/SUPPORT_PDF's/evo_80_2014_senior_junior.pdf Make sure you are looking at the senior tire page & not the junior.
  3. Yes they do. I have the 6 inch version on my 125RR. Not as sexy as Renthal but functional.
  4. @Mountainbrad: The 2020 RR has an upgraded air box. Beefier plastic around the screws & different air intake. You have to buy the complete box though as the base is different too. I am afraid to ask but will any way. What is that top piece costing you each time?
  5. anachronism

    CDI failures

    Beta, Sherco/Scorpa & TRS all use Hidria CDIs do they not?
  6. @leembarnes: Did you change out the CDI(s) yourself & if so, how difficult was it?
  7. Sadly, not yet. There is a dimensional difference between these Braktec levers on the TRS & generic levers that are "supposed" to fit. I have Apico shorty levers from my Beta I tried on my TRS. They fit but there is a few MMs difference (+) from pivot to push pin & I didn't want to risk it. I slid my masters in as far as they would go & it gives about an inch of clearance from end of levers to end of bars.
  8. You are correct. I found some pix of a used 2018 RR w/CSP plate on Sandiford Racings website. The CSP covers the flywheel area better but the frame area in front of the pegs is still exposed. I made cardboard templates today, just have to do the hard part now & cut the aluminum.
  9. Anyone try one of these yet? Curious to know/see how much bigger if any than stock. There is zero pix/info out there so far.......
  10. @dwb5151 : Did you purchase this & if so how did it work out? There are zero reviews so far. Sorry to everyone else for zombie thread revival!
  11. You're good. My current & last bikes w/inline filters had a small bubble or space visible.
  12. @thumper80: What year/model is your TRS?
  13. Thank you @baldilocks & @taff_d !
  14. @taff_d: I hope that is correct. That is 2010 & previous Scorpa SY250 available from Talon in 10 to 14. Please post up when you get a chance to try it.
  15. Anyone had a chance to figure out if the smaller spline on the 18 & up RRs is the same as any other existing spline? Not seeing anything after market except "DOES NOT fit 18 & up RRs". Would like to try an 11 front/bigger rear for different ratios & longer chain/sprocket life.
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