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  1. anachronism


    @Spence: Definitely look at mtb lights, one for your helmet & one for the bars. What kind of riding are you doing with the 24R? How far are you going or how is battery life? I have considered one but would have to buy a spare battery to cover the distance I want to go.
  2. anachronism

    2019 RR Vs One

    @sirdabalot: That is a depressing list. I know what that is like. Two questions: When you say water in the airbox you are riding in very wet conditions? How/when did you realize the water pump wasn't pumping, constant boiling over?
  3. anachronism

    2019 RR Vs One

    @sirdabalot Define not perfect: heavy, turn slow, expensive, fragile? I am considering a 2019 & looking for any negative feedback. All I have read has been positive. The RR seems to get the nod as it is only a few dollars more for the good stuff.
  4. anachronism

    beta 2019

    When did that "mismatch" start & what was the initial cause, an engine case redesign?
  5. anachronism

    Beta 80 Carburettor

    Lots of good info in the motobene thread. I followed his jetting recommendations but my biggest improvement came from adjusting the little brass mixture screw to the left of the big idle speed screw. Mine was two full turns out from the factory but I ended up at 11/12ths of a turn out. It then actually ran/sounded like all the trials bike I have observed on youtube. Before that it was a blubbery mess even with the leaner jets. Treatlandtv is an awesome site w/fast response. You have to hunt for the Dellorto jets & small parts page but its there. Based on my experience w/the Beta 80 that I detailed in the motobene thread (& I was sugarcoating it for a family audience) I would argue they are all made on Monday morning or Friday afternoon. One would think a machine produced w/only small changes for 20 years now would be designed/executed flawlessly. One would be wrong.
  6. anachronism

    Marzocchi fork seal size

    40 x 52.2 x 10/10.5 This is what I use & was identical to what I replaced: https://www.motomerlin.org.uk/40mm-marzochi-fork-seal-gas-gas-ossa-sherco-343-p.asp If you have the old seals the size should be molded into the face of the seal (not the wiper) in tiny numbers.
  7. anachronism

    16 vs. 18

    @oldtrialer: What did the OE spare battery set you back? The Oset UK site listed it at $1450 when I did the conversion!
  8. anachronism

    Spark arrestor

    @pauls320: Did you get the Viper or the new mini Viper? How does it fit? Is the screen removable?
  9. anachronism

    TRS 125 riding impressions?

    @hdscarbro: Did you order the RR or the ONE? Either way, please post your review here once you get it dirty.
  10. anachronism

    Beta 80 keeps killing spark plugs

    What year of Beta 80?
  11. anachronism

    Standard Front Fork Length ?

    Correct! 38 mm legs, 2015 model year.
  12. anachronism

    Standard Front Fork Length ?

    From center of axle to top of leg flush w/top of yoke I measured 745mm.
  13. anachronism

    TRS 125 riding impressions?

    Bump: Anyone attend this event?
  14. anachronism

    Not shutting off properly....

    Curious why you have had three TRS already, one of each displacement or did you wear them out?
  15. anachronism

    Oset 24.0R

    @ mountain man @ oldtrialer Anything new to report on the Oset 24 front? How is the battery life/mileage per charge? I see elsewhere guys riding the EM full size trialer are reporting an hour of run time w/aggressive throttle use. I am hopeful the Oset can do better.