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  1. You can get a lever style fuel tap from these guys : https://www.trialsuk.co.uk/Beta-Fuel-Tap---EVO80REV80REV50---Lever-Style?search=fuel tap More efficient & easier to use.
  2. 4 X 18 like all big bikes. See here: https://betausa.com/content/SUPPORT_PDF's/evo_80_2014_senior_junior.pdf Make sure you are looking at the senior tire page & not the junior.
  3. Yes they do. I have the 6 inch version on my 125RR. Not as sexy as Renthal but functional.
  4. @Mountainbrad: The 2020 RR has an upgraded air box. Beefier plastic around the screws & different air intake. You have to buy the complete box though as the base is different too. I am afraid to ask but will any way. What is that top piece costing you each time?
  5. anachronism

    CDI failures

    Beta, Sherco/Scorpa & TRS all use Hidria CDIs do they not?
  6. @leembarnes: Did you change out the CDI(s) yourself & if so, how difficult was it?
  7. Sadly, not yet. There is a dimensional difference between these Braktec levers on the TRS & generic levers that are "supposed" to fit. I have Apico shorty levers from my Beta I tried on my TRS. They fit but there is a few MMs difference (+) from pivot to push pin & I didn't want to risk it. I slid my masters in as far as they would go & it gives about an inch of clearance from end of levers to end of bars.
  8. You are correct. I found some pix of a used 2018 RR w/CSP plate on Sandiford Racings website. The CSP covers the flywheel area better but the frame area in front of the pegs is still exposed. I made cardboard templates today, just have to do the hard part now & cut the aluminum.
  9. Anyone try one of these yet? Curious to know/see how much bigger if any than stock. There is zero pix/info out there so far.......
  10. @dwb5151 : Did you purchase this & if so how did it work out? There are zero reviews so far. Sorry to everyone else for zombie thread revival!
  11. You're good. My current & last bikes w/inline filters had a small bubble or space visible.
  12. @thumper80: What year/model is your TRS?
  13. Thank you @baldilocks & @taff_d !
  14. @taff_d: I hope that is correct. That is 2010 & previous Scorpa SY250 available from Talon in 10 to 14. Please post up when you get a chance to try it.
  15. Anyone had a chance to figure out if the smaller spline on the 18 & up RRs is the same as any other existing spline? Not seeing anything after market except "DOES NOT fit 18 & up RRs". Would like to try an 11 front/bigger rear for different ratios & longer chain/sprocket life.
  16. The TRS Ones were supposed to get the new kickstart for 2019. The RRs got the new design in 2018. There is a video on you tube under TRS USA showing the new design. If this is a poll, I would choose the new design. I haven't read of any issues either, I just like the new design better.
  17. Links from the TRS USA site: 2019 TRS One: http://www.trsmotosusa.com/documents/2019/2019 TRS One 300, 280 & 250 ficha tecnica - technical specs.pdf 2019 Raga: http://www.trsmotosusa.com/images/Raga_Racing_2019/TRS_RR_2019_ENGLISH_ tech_specs.pdf 2019 Gold: http://www.trsmotosusa.com/images/GOLD_EDITION_2019/2019_TRS_Gold_English_tech._specs.pdf The One says aluminum, the Gold & Raga don't specify. They are light bikes so that's what's important.
  18. Almost nothing surprises me anymore about this bike but cork? Luckily, I have always shut my petcock after every ride. Whoever spec'ed that lousy little slippery knob poor excuse for a petcock should be kicked squarely/firmly/repeatedly in the mommy/daddy button.
  19. Make sure you blow out the overflow ports/hoses as well when cleaning the carb. If I over oil my 2015 evo 80s oil filter it runs burbly rich but it it runs rich right from cold to hot.
  20. @Spence: Definitely look at mtb lights, one for your helmet & one for the bars. What kind of riding are you doing with the 24R? How far are you going or how is battery life? I have considered one but would have to buy a spare battery to cover the distance I want to go.
  21. @sirdabalot: That is a depressing list. I know what that is like. Two questions: When you say water in the airbox you are riding in very wet conditions? How/when did you realize the water pump wasn't pumping, constant boiling over?
  22. @sirdabalot Define not perfect: heavy, turn slow, expensive, fragile? I am considering a 2019 & looking for any negative feedback. All I have read has been positive. The RR seems to get the nod as it is only a few dollars more for the good stuff.
  23. anachronism

    beta 2019

    When did that "mismatch" start & what was the initial cause, an engine case redesign?
  24. Lots of good info in the motobene thread. I followed his jetting recommendations but my biggest improvement came from adjusting the little brass mixture screw to the left of the big idle speed screw. Mine was two full turns out from the factory but I ended up at 11/12ths of a turn out. It then actually ran/sounded like all the trials bike I have observed on youtube. Before that it was a blubbery mess even with the leaner jets. Treatlandtv is an awesome site w/fast response. You have to hunt for the Dellorto jets & small parts page but its there. Based on my experience w/the Beta 80 that I detailed in the motobene thread (& I was sugarcoating it for a family audience) I would argue they are all made on Monday morning or Friday afternoon. One would think a machine produced w/only small changes for 20 years now would be designed/executed flawlessly. One would be wrong.
  25. 40 x 52.2 x 10/10.5 This is what I use & was identical to what I replaced: https://www.motomerlin.org.uk/40mm-marzochi-fork-seal-gas-gas-ossa-sherco-343-p.asp If you have the old seals the size should be molded into the face of the seal (not the wiper) in tiny numbers.
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