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  1. typerossy

    Beta parts?

    Cracking site but £30 delivery to UK on all orders below £150. A UK version of this would be great.
  2. typerossy

    Beta parts?

    Yes I seen this but if you search the official beta part no. Its very unclear on what your buying, no photos no description. Got to be somewhere better.
  3. typerossy

    Beta parts?

    Where's the best place to buy beta parts online? I recently bought a 2011 beta evo but I'm finding it quite hard to find a place that's supplies a full parts list. Before this I had a sherco and it was so much easier, just search the part no. And you had a choice. Got to be somewhere online please help.
  4. Where can i get a clutch slave cylinder for a 1997 320 jtx clutch slave cylinder. Finding it hard to get parts for. Any ideas?
  5. typerossy


    I have a 2004 290. I'm finding 2nd and 3rd gear very similar then a big difference in 4th. I'm new to trials but have ridden a few beta's in the past and find 3rd gear on them pulls really well and you can feel the difference between gears but on my sherco it seems to rev out quickly no difference to 2nd gear then when you go into 4th the revs drop very low. Is this normal? Is there anyway I can change or help this with sprockets? Cheers
  6. Know this is an old post but did you find what was wrong with it? I have the same problem, replaced main bearing on rebuild I made sure the engine selected all the gears before I went any further to which it did. Now after I have fully rebuilt it I noticed it's not selecting 5th but it's like it goes into like a neutral, does make a slight noise like something metal to metal is rubbing but not catching correctly.
  7. I just went for that option today, exchange cylinder and piston. Sent them off today so hopefully I will receive the replated cylinder and new piston early next week, not cheap but hopefully it will do the trick. I will post the outcome once i've fitted them.
  8. Anybody got any experience with sherco 290 piston slap could say if the above video I posted sound like it?
  9. I had the same problem and ended up shearing the head off the axel bolt as it aluminium. I used a pin punch that fitted in the hole on the theaded end of the axel bolt and after a few good hits with a 5lb hammer it moved, once it was out far enough I got a set of grips on the pin so I could turn it back and forth until it loosened off. Replacement axle bolt and nut cost £30.
  10. Not sure how you attach a video, it's not allowing me everytime I try.
  11. Can anybody tell me if it is ok to run with piston slap, bought this bike as a non runner, got it started but its not sounding right. I searched online and a lot of people say it's piston slap it's still OK to ride as a lot of bikes that year are like this. Is this correct? It's a 290 2004.
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