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  1. Or what about getting the OEM stand from someplace like Trials Bike Breaker? They're even on your side of the pond.
  2. I use Loctite 680 Retaining Compound to "glue" my shift lever onto the shaft (since the shaft isn't grooved to hold the lever pinch bolt like are many other bikes). You'll need some heat to soften the compound if you later need to remove the lever (but there's nothing in the area that's an issue to be heated).
  3. I'll just ask ... Did you confirm that the shaft in the driven gear aligns with the slot in the water pump impeller? I'm sure you must have else the water pump housing would not seal flush against the clutch cover. Just a thought.
  4. d2w

    smoking thermostat

    If the fan is not running (for whatever reason) the coolant in the rad may be overheating and then escaping past the radiator cap. The rad overflow tube may then direct the coolant onto the header pipe, and this will result in a "white smoke". Basically your'e seeing steam. Verify that your bike is producing a voltage/current. Your comment that the light is not working might imply that it's not. You can test the fan motor by applying 12VDC to it (say, from an automotive battery). You can also test the operation of the thermostat; when immersed in hot water it should "close" and present a near-zero electrical resistance.
  5. Dakh - excuse my old eyes and it's early morning here now, but - in the (first) photo taken through the exhaust outlet, is the ring retaining pin visible in the groove of the upper ring? The ends of those rings look too well define. There should be no ring ends visible in that area of the piston. To me it looks like the piston was installed backwards and the ring ends caught on the exhaust port. Ensure that your piston is correctly oriented; the manufacturing "arrow" should point to the exhaust port (and the ring retaining pins and ring ends should not pass over any open areas of the cylinder). And to me, the second picture seems to show that the wear was occurring over a longer period of time - as evidenced by the variations in the black and brown areas - and that it didn't just "grenade". I think something was rubbing on the cylinder that shouldn't have.
  6. Just wanted to say "Thanks" to the collective (and thankfully retained) wisdom of the forum; I had exactly this issue after this morning's ride, and the described cause and solution were spot-on. Other than Nigel Dabster I don't recognize any of the contributors so I don't know if you're still active, but thanks again. Dale
  7. d2w

    Future of Gasgas

    Since we're talking about the Future of Gas Gas, I'd consider an E-bike if it came with one of these.
  8. Jay, Brian Dingwall in Summerland used to have a GG dealership and does engine work. http://www.okanaganmotorsports.com/
  9. Welcome to the club! Yup, sparking a GG is a ritual, but it does work if you're true to the procedure. Accept no substitute!
  10. Is it just finding neutral or shifting in general? Don't know if you're aware of this adjustment or if it's applicable to your situation. Perhaps you already made this adjustment and didn't list it above.
  11. The carbs on my 2008 TXTs are Dellorto brand. I'm going to assume that you have the same on your bike. There is a mixture screw and a throttle stop screw on the side of the carb. Screwing the throttle stop screw in will raise the slide and increase the idle speed; this can be verified by observing the slide with the airbox and connecting snorkel removed. Note that the throttle stop screw does not effect the idle mixture (and I believe that is metered by the pilot jet). What size of pilot jet is installed in your carb? And while you're into the carb you might as well note the sizes of all the other jets as well as the needle and clip position.
  12. This is a pretty basic one ... and it's somewhat speculative on my part ... but could a partially plugged exhaust system account for the symptoms? Perhaps the exhaust gasses are not exiting the pipe well enough? Has somethings plugged and/or restricted the exhaust?
  13. I believe the grooves in the clutch basket are bad (or at the very least they're not good ); they will prevent the clutch plates from separating smoothly/completely, and this will contribute to the drag you experience. As a possible solution, I've heard that you can carefully file the grooves out; just try to keep the basket tangs square/perpendicular to the base.This fix may also increase the noise of the engine/clutch a little bit. No harm in trying this mod first before replacing the basket.
  14. You're in Texas man ... hit-up your nearest Harbor Freight Tools for something cheap that'll do the job.
  15. For my older 2008 GGs - with the straight cylinder mufflers - I've have very good success with FMF 4-stroke packing as it is somewhat rigid and I find it holds its shape better when rolled. If your newer bike has the bent/curved muffler, that may not work for you, and you may need to get some of the conventional "loose" packing. The Trials sub-forum on the Adventure Riders site had a recent discussion on how to best pack the mufflers of newer bikes.
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