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  1. 10-4, thank you gentleman. I'll pick up an extra housing for a spare.
  2. The plastic housing on the domino throttle assembly on my txt feels really cheap. I'd like to replace it with a aluminum/metal option if available?
  3. 10-4, thanks Jonny. I have to say that my GasGas has been a great bike so far. You can imagine what it's like coming from an MX bike to a trials bike. Lots of shifting, dramatically different power curve. To top it off it's all single track so the bike never gets a break. It's taken a few decent spills and keeps going. As far as budget goes I feel like I got a lot for my money with the GG for their TXT model. I'm not going to list everything but comparing it to the entry level beta the gasser simply offers more. I think most complaints probably come from the chads who can't start a gasser. lol
  4. Am I missing something? Can anyone elaborate on this....
  5. The fuel petcock is different on aluminum tanks so if you go that route you'll need the petcock too.
  6. Similar to OP I'm new to trials bikes but have been riding for 29yrs. I purchased my TXT 300 for the purpose of trail riding because I already have a "big bike". Some things I've learned. Taller bars help for trail rides. They bring the bars up so you're not leaning into them as much. Since the pegs on a trials bike are further back you tend to lean into the handlebars more. This creates the "hunch" in your back. Keeping your knees bent and chin up go a long way in keeping good posture throughout your ride. Either way it's a killer core workout. Longest ride for me so far was 2.8hrs A well supported pack is a must, 2 strap backpacks flop around and you're going to be moving your body a lot more on a trials bike. Carry a fuel bottle on long rides Gearing is very close ratio until you hit OD. 300's have massive torque/pull, a 250 is likely the optimal bike for most.
  7. First, I apologize if this has been answered. I'm trying to track down a over the counter API GL-4 gear oil for my 21' TXT300. My options are pretty limited to auto parts stores as I've already been to the local dealership. With KTM overseeing the production of GasGas, they only list the motorex brand gear oil in the manual. Nothing against motorex but between the cost of the oil, taxes, shipping, It's almost $40 for a quart of oil. Would this work? It's rated API GL-4 & GL-5 so it meets the criteria. https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/c/max-gear/oil--chemicals---fluids/maintenance-chemicals/lubricants/gear-oil---additives/75w-90/1e1e9866791f/royal-purple-max-synthetic-gear-oil-75w-90-1-quart/ryp5/7590/v/a/137956/automotive-van-2016-toyota-sienna?pos=2 Thanks in advance.
  8. You are correct. I struggle to keep up in faster sections which is why I'm going to experiment with gearing a bit. The suspension is ok, it's not the greatest for enduro but it beats MX suspension. I find myself using my body a lot more to absorb bumps and drops. Forks could be less springy but it's a trials bike so... lol. I increased the damping and it helped to calm them a bit. I posted a vid in the main section under the MPG thread to give you guys an idea of the terrain. Thanks for the replies fellas and happy holidays.
  9. That extra half liter def. helps out. You guys were right on the money at 1 liter/hr. I think I got a little better mpg from the type of riding I was doing. I tend to be the tail of the pack anyway so I ride at my own pace. Here's a part of loop last weekend.
  10. Stock tank atm, I believe it's 2.4L. I found the contact tank that will add an additional 1.2L but @$280 I can wait til after the holidays. I used stock gearing for that ride 10/39. I tried 11/39 around the house and gears felt too tall but I'm going to try it on some single track anyway. I'm spending a lot of time in 3rd/4th gear on the gasser so I'm hoping this will allow more use of 1st/2nd. Ride was super fun. I got jousted off my bike by a branch at one point. Luckily I walked away ok 😁/ I have a fresh set of Cycra Pro Bend guards I'm installing on the txt. Branches and twigs keep grabbing my front brake lever.
  11. I agree that it makes the gearing tall, 3.54:1 to be exact. Same final gear ratio as my Husqvarna TC250 mx bike. I use my txt 300 for single track riding so I'm trying to gain some top speed so I can hang with the big bikes on the quicker sections. I'm going to try out the 11t again on my next ride. Also adding some hand guards because branches keep grabbing my front brake lol.
  12. I took the TXT 300 out yesterday. Managed approx. 25mi of single track and I could still hear some fuel in the tank. Average speed was 7mph.
  13. I'm fairly confident you had moisture in your tank. Either it sat with an empty tank and moisture made it's way in or bad fuel/ethanol that was never treated. Sludge and sediments don't just show up in a sealed gas tank. I'd check the tank/cap for leaks as well.
  14. 11T was terrible. Took it for a test ride and the gearing felt like an MX bike. Sticking with the stock 10/39 gearing.
  15. Ethanol? Looks like water/moisture was in the gas tank.
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