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  1. Is there an alternative to the All Balls kit which is pretty poor quality.
  2. This is how I hung the system,the air escaped almost at once i didn't even use the one way bleeder once I'd hung it.
  3. I'm back from skiing now so time for an update. Before I went I tried lifting the front of the bike and bleeding having tried lifting the rear which I never thought would work as there's no logic to it. As it was I left my bike for a week with the front lifted with an obvious air bubble in the link pipe,that was still there when I got back FFS. In summary I have tried every method possible together with new parts,but this mornng I took the whole system off and bled it as described in the video by lineaway. I think the angle of the parts is vital. Bit of a ball ache getting it out in one piece but this method as shown in the vid worked first time,I'd have taken the ****ing engine out if I'd know it would work. Thanks to all that have given advice.
  4. What a ridiculous thing to say.
  5. I have done this as it's easy enough,which part of the system am I leaving open though.
  6. 😀 you're more optimistic than me I'm done.
  7. Is there another MC manufacturer as I can't just keep buying them until one works if that's the cause.
  8. The sum total of brake pressure today is a slight movement of 1 piston and that's if I use a plunger on the MC piston.
  9. Mine has AJP brakes. I'd still like somebody to suggest the most reliable modern manufacturer though,somebody must have a decent model.
  10. I assume you're the resident forum troll,every forum has one. You're sorrt are best ignored I think.
  11. I couldn't resist another go before I go away. Thanks to those that tried to help but I still have no brake pressure despite trying the lifting of the bike method,all the parts are fine. On the plus side I resisited the temptation to smash it with a hammer.
  12. Ok thanks I'm leaving it until I come back from skiing or I may smash it with a hammer.
  13. A quick search of this forum suggest otherwise,just saying 🤣
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