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  1. Put the S3 Digit lever on, cant beleave the difference that different levers make.
  2. Thanks for the help that give me something to try.
  3. I have just got a new 2020 125 factory for my son he has small hands, with the long orginal Braktec, the clutch was light but he had problem reaching the lever when out when I adjusted it in bit the bitting point was was near fully in. I changed it to a Apico short but this made the clutch very heavy but the bitting point was perfect. is there any other lever that would suit better or anything else to help.
  4. I have a 2016 sherco 125. How do you know what fluid goes in the clutch master cylinder. Is it dot 4 or mineral fuild
  5. I have got a 2012 300 pro. First and second is fine once I go into third and rev it the clutch slips. Will it need new plates. The oil that came out of it was like water and there was not a lot it. I use bel ray 75w in my son's sherco will this do ok and last how much oil goes in.
  6. My water pump shaft is leaking water out when I took the impeller of they is a flat washer between it and the seal is this correct, should this washer be there or somewhere else on the shaft
  7. I have a 2016 125 st with a Keihin pwk 28. And it is standard with 48 pilot 125 main 3/4 out air screw
  8. Have just got a 2017 sherco 125 factory and it not running right. What carb setting is every one using.
  9. Update put a new float valve in and set the float height. Much better fuel does not run out when on side stand. The only thing when bike is running and on side stand when you rev it fuel still come out of the overflow on the bowl.
  10. Dan I'm going on holiday for a week tomorrow night. We're would the best place to get a new float valve. I will be back end of next week could order one now and be hear for me coming home.
  11. Dan the petrol doesn't come out of those 2 breather. It comes out of the breather on the float boal
  12. I have just got a 250cc Rev 3, when I put the bike on side stand the petrol runs out of the carb, people have told me that they all done that and you have to get a mod done to the card, does anyone know what needs done.
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