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  1. Thanks for the info Hillary !!! I didn't really as you say get the wrong end of the stick as originally it was said about moving the ages..... this is why I asked for someone in more know than myself to confirm. Sounds a good decision as I agree youths that want to or are ready to move to a 125 should be allowed. Thanks again for confirming.
  2. An ACU representative was at the British Sheffield Youth round and made an announcement at the start that the ACU was thinking of changing the ages of the classes. They wanted to change the age classes, and the knock-on from this would be that any youth in the second year of the 'B' Class would be moved up to the 'A' class for 2019. I seem to remember this was to allow a younger youth to move up to 125? I voiced my concerns to the ACU Offical (sorry cannot remember his name) at the time, and told him you will be pushing the riders on to a harder route, this does not seem fair or safe to those riders, who are all expecting to still be riding the 'B' class next year. Every other Parent I spoke to also said the same. I have heard via different sources that this new age classification is coming into play next year, although I will say not from anyone official yet? I did go back and look at the comments about the changes to the 'A' class for 2018 of having a split with the option for an 'A' to ride in the Elite 'A' or the British Youth 'A'. The comments for this was to bring more riders into the Youth A championship.... umm wonder how that turned out then? Has anyone else heard of any changes or are these just rumours at the minute?
  3. Cheers for the replies.... Did your compact have the folding seats? Thanks
  4. Hi Has anyone tried putting 2 trials bikes in the back of Vito compact dualiner? Can you get away with folding the seats forward and taking the single one out? Or do you need to remove all three seats or go for the long wheelbase? Cheers Smudger
  5. Only just seen this, excellent.... be nice to have one ongoing for 2016 !!!!!! :-)
  6. Thanks I might do the same although still be wary that the original tap might still stop the fuel....
  7. Funny that..... Yes he did have the issue at the trial..... I got the bike out bike of the VAN went to start it and nothing...... so I thought it was a carb issue, and when I took the carb off, the fuel line come off as well, and I though to my self 'oh no the fuel is still on.....' thats when I noticed no fuel coming out, twisted the fuel tap a little and then fuel started dribbling out, so I quickly put ib back together and bike started first kick. I then went to observer and my mate was riding with my son and then when they hadnt come through my section I started to worry and then another friend so to me, 'your mate had your boys card off again not sure what the issue is but its all going again now..... SAME ISSUE. So thats when I thought must get rid of that stupid tap.... Cheers John ;-)
  8. Thanks for the reply... I will have a look at those push style taps as it might be easier for the lad......
  9. Started to have an issue with my son's Beta EVO 80 and the fuel tap not always turning out fully. Just wondered if anyone has managed to fit a better fuel tap? Cheers
  10. I am in the UK... just had a google and dont think you can get it here :-(
  11. Hi Can anyone recommend a glue that will repair my sons trials boots.... There are Gearnes and have ripped down the side, the plastic shin part has come away from the leather on the side, looks like it was once stiched... Is there any glue out there, that will get the job done, at present I am taping the boot up when he rides... Cheers...
  12. Just done some searching...... The penalty for travelling in the reverse direction of the route is disqualification. For missing the section or sub-section the penalty is 50 marks. Competitors who miss more than two sub-sections or one complete hill in a single day will be liable for disqualification.
  13. Hi Looking at the results, some riders have like 1100 marks for one day? Looking I see riders score 50 marks for one section? What makes you get a 50? Cheers
  14. I need to get the flywheel off.... Gas Gas 50 boy txt 2010.. The flywheel pullers I have do not fit does anyone know which one I need? Cheers Smudger
  15. Hi I have a pair, I love them...... Pockets are good size and zipped, seem to be fairly warm in the winter, but dont seem to get hot in the summer. Only trousers I wear and I wash them every ride, had them now about 1 year and not even a tear or rip. There are fairly baggy I wear them inside my boots and I also wear mx style knee pads with them. If something did go wrong with my pair would buy another set without thinking..... Cheers
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