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  1. On our bike I would say 100% the carb but just need to check air filter is clean, pipe work from air filter to to carb has no moisture and then fuel supply is clean. Jets are very small so ensure you can see through each one before putting carb back together. if you are a member of a club I am sure there will be somebody there who has experienced the joys of these bikes. They do work very well but need a little TLC
  2. Does the bike tick over okay? I have found if the bike will not tick over as normal then the carb needs cleaning and this can be after a fall with the bike etc. Once all cleaned the bikes run well again and only takes a few minutes to clean so just practice. Apart from that they are pretty much bomb proof and just techniques for starting if cold, if crashed or warm so I would start with the crab and ensure you clean all the jets out
  3. Earl Shilton is a fantastic club and really good venue so hope you enjoy. They run great trials for all abilities but also great training days which both my wife and son attend. We run both petrol and electric trials bikes and during lockdown it has been great to use the electric bike with no hassle and as you state very little maintenance. Technique is certainly different and no noise on events causes some amusement but hope you enjoy. Electric bikes have come on a long way, to see what youngsters do on these bikes is great. We have had both Oset and Beta versions and a match for any petrol bike apart from the tyres which is not an issue for yourself. Look forward to seeing you enjoying the sport at Earl Shilton
  4. 24r is more than capable of completing an Adult event, we have done so many times with my son riding. If out for fun then they are very capable and easy to ride, suspension works very well. Some minor modifications and very competitive bike apart from available tyres. We get around 12 miles from our battery so more than enough for any trial. They don't ride like a petrol bike but with some practice are very capable, easy to maintain and as you state light as well. They have proved how good they are in youth trials, the only limiting factor is the tyre - we have a petrol bike as well which has more grip but both offer a lot of fun. With regards to doubling up on sections that is normally to assist the Dad chasing their child and time constraints! I do it every event and the Oset will compete on any adult event we have come across
  5. 100% breather pipes. We had it on our 2019 bike, also had the same on our 2020 bike. Cut the pipes and tuck them away - problem solved
  6. Aaron 79

    Beta 80 issues

    We have the same bike but have not had your problem. Regular cleaning of both the carb and air filter keep it buzzing well and we slightly reduce the oil mix level as they just run too rich. Only issue encountered is the breather pipes front the carb are too long so if going through water the bike appears to run out of fuel. Raise the breather pipes and bikes works really well. Hope you fix your problem as these bikes work very well and we have had hours of fun with ours
  7. Agree with Gasserguy, Zona1 is a great practice venue with a good number of youths and novices who ride there. BVM are excellent for bike parts, bikes or just great advice. Come along to Zona and we can provide details on local training for both youths and adults. Western Centre run a great youth development training squad that has produced some very talented riders over the years. Loads of good local events so once your step son has got the basics he can enter a few easy conducted trials alongside other youths. Zona1 is really good to start to learn the sport as really good range of easy places to ride and then some more challenging areas once your ability level increases. My son is 8 but has spent many a happy hour at Zona riding his various bikes - great family sport to be honest
  8. Glad it worked for you, we have been really happy with them. Only issue on bigger bikes is if it catches things when the suspension is compressed but on the smaller Junior Beta’s it has worked well for us and looks good to. Did you get anywhere with the rear suspension between junior, senior and 125’s? I checked the Beta website and they all have different part numbers so that maybe down to spring ratings but be interested to know if the Junior 80 Ohlins will fit the big wheel as I was informed it would not Cheers Rob
  9. Hi Paul I don’t believe the medium wheel rear shock will work on a big wheel 80 or 125. This maybe incorrect but when I purchased the Ohlins that is what I was advised. I used the shock on our older 50cc bike until the 2019 bike was delivered - both medium wheel but event these needed the shock to be inverted on the newer bike. Have to say is makes a big difference so when you sell the bike sell the shock separately to get your money back - the difference being like your changes to the front of the bike the rear suspension is now perfectly set up for the weight of the rider and this gives far more grip plus looks cool as well Cheers Rob
  10. HI Paul yes we run an Ohlins shock on the rear of Aaron's bike. He was number 14 at the weekend. Cheers Rob
  11. Hi it was my sons bike you saw at weekend. We use RAW mud flaps used on pushbikes, they fit well and can be found on eBay. We have tried sealing the exhaust but never really works so best to modify the tailpipe for easier removal of endcap and then repack silencer - really easy to do. Fork oil we use as is and seems to work well but we have changed rear shock to soften bike up and makes far more difference cheers Rob
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