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  1. That might be the case in sunny California but over here in March you'll be waiting a long time!
  2. Well I went out on the bike again today with a new and correct spark plug fitted, was only out for an hour or so but didn't have any problems, hopefully next time I'll run it for longer but it's looking promising at the moment.
  3. I must admit I'm quite liking the sound of it. My trouble is that when walking one section at a time, by the time it's my turn I've forgotton which way to go, I ain't got a chance if I've got to remember all 10 in one go!
  4. It would be quite easy to highlight this on entry forms at sign on or even on the section starts markers, after a while it would catch on. And while we're at it , let's stop the youngsters clearing/warming their rear tyre, Toni Bou style, whilst in said que! Because of the risk of sounding old, I'm going to shut up now.
  5. Thanks for that Martin, had a look at mine this morning and as you predicted it is a non-resistor BP5ES. Have ordered correct plug this morning, I'll let you know how I get on. Cheers, Stuart.
  6. Hi Martin, I've only had the bike for a month and the spare time I've had has been spent riding (probably about 9 hours) and not maintaining. I know the basic principle of how a 2 stroke works but not the detail, do you know what spark plug I should have and what effect a non-resistor vs restistor spark plug would have. Cheers, Stuart
  7. hi, was out practicing today on my '99 315 and had exactly the same problem, not running smooth, making the most awful noise and chucking smoke out the exhaust. turned it off, visual check over, nothing out of the ordinary, started up again and fine! did either of you guys (nick or chippy) get to the bottom of the problem so that i know where to start looking. cheers, stuart.
  8. it doesn't matter, the bike is just the means to the enjoyment. go fo the newest and least used bike from any of the major manufacturers, that way you're really keeping your options open. if you've still got a choice go for the one who's spares dealer is closest, though this doesn't really matter these days as everything is available online with mail order.
  9. jesus, 178 views and no replies means it's a stupid question or these events arn't very popular!
  10. Looking through the regs in TMX, I see there's a ORE Events, Open 1 Hr speed trial. Can anyone explain what these are all about as I've only experienced conventional observed trials. Cheers, Stuart.
  11. set your sky+ (that's vcr to you pre65 boys ), the first round of the world outdoor trials is on eurosport2 uk on thursday 9th april at 1900
  12. i just bought one this week on ebay from motomerlin.
  13. Thanks guys, now that it's been mentioned I remember that it was Pulse and a quick dig around the internet confirmed that it was dropped from the sky listings on 10th February which will explain why I can't find it, shame that, oh well back to the drivel then! Thanks again.
  14. A few weeks ago whilst flicking through the many channels of drivel on my sky system I came across some American outdoor trials (NATC). Recently I've been searching the listings to see if there's any more, trouble is I can't remember which channel it was, it wasn't a sports or main stream channel and I remember thinking at the time that I'd never heard of it before, anyone got any ideas?
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