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  1. Try getting a hpi report on the frame number?? that might come back with the number plate and then just apply for a logbook from the dvla!!
  2. I've been thinking about getting myself an aircooled mono to go with my garelli 323, and was wondering what is considered the best allround aircooled mono??? I might do a few mods to whatever i buy like changing the footpeg position if needed.. i bought a 91' TY250r pinky(with a modified cylinder) on the weekend but am wondering should i buy something else instead? heres a pic of the TY
  3. I gave the beast a wash, what do you think??
  4. I think its just to keep the head in the right postition ready for when you torque it down, it should be fine.
  5. rotax engine, i rode one years ago and it was nice to ride..
  6. I only bought it about 5pm today and had just got home with it and got it off the trailer and took a few pics.. how do i tell if its a 270cc?? take the head off and measure the cylinder?? what would the bore measurement be if it's a 250 or 270?? The front rim is stamped 90 and the rear 87 so i thought the rear wheel must have been replaced at some point. how much of a differance does it make with the shorter intake?
  7. I bought a ty 250 mono today and am trying to work out what year it is, and someone has been modifying the cylinder i'll post a few pics let me know whats been done and why??
  8. Does anyone know what the spark plug gap should be??
  9. The best way to dry out a flooded crankcase is to take the plug out move the HT lead well out of the way, put the biker in top gear, hold the kill button in and throttle fully open and run down the road with the bike as the engine turns over it will spit any fuel out of the plug hole and dry it out!
  11. The 07' i own now seems a little smoother off the bottom end than my 08' i had new, my 07' has got the pumper carb fitted to it.
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