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  1. have you given the carb a good clean?
  2. zarkoff

    petrol !

    well thanks everybody for all your input it looks like a very complicated issue, obviously fuel is a lot different than what it was back in the 70's, my bike seems to wants a richer set up than original .also where you get you fuel from i think makes a difference IE supermarkets.
  3. zarkoff

    petrol !

    yeh cheers i had a bit of a read they are talking abou t avgas ect we have only 2 choices unleaded and super un leaded i haven't tried super but i might have a go in my old honda to see how it runs . my bike was built in the 70's probably designed earlier so fuel must have a role to play, lets face it it,s what powers our bikes ,
  4. zarkoff

    petrol !

    hello there i was just wondering if anybody had any thoughts on wether petrol has changed over the years ( apart from the cost!! ) , a lot of people seem to have problems with carburation on older machines a mechanic told me that petrol has changed , so that settings on carbs ect maybe different. it could be worth bearing in mind when setting up carbs as i am right now. thanks .
  5. how about the carb jetting the wrong pilot jet can give this problem also, i have just fit a new carb to my honda and when trying different pilot jets the same thing was happening ( running weak) at one point.
  6. hi you say you have checked the carb to air box have you checked the carb to engine, sounds a bit like it is getting air in somewhere which can give the same problem.
  7. hi there there is one thing that does alter the mixture settings on a carb that no one has mentioned yet and that is the air filter, have you changed the filter in any way as it does make a lot of difference . i once changed the filter on a bike and it run like a dog !! just worth baring in mind.
  8. zarkoff

    tl replacement carb

    thanks anyway i will start with the same size jets and use that as a starting point.
  9. zarkoff

    tl replacement carb

    cheers can i ask how did you jet them? i am thinking using the same size jet as in my old one , in my case 115 main and 38 pilot.
  10. hi there , having afew problems with my TL i have come to the conclusion its carb related. i have seen a lot of new carbs on ebay and was just wondering if anybody had tried these replacement carbs i have seen one or two on honda's tlrs. my old keihin is about worn out!
  11. hello . the carb is clean i have a coil of another bike of roughly the same era i could try maybe . i did replace the condensor about a year and a half ago but ive only done about 4 trials on it i think i will try a new set of points as well and then see ,the plug by the way was a perfect color when i took it out so i am still wondering .
  12. hi there can any body point me in the right direction , my honda back fires mostly at high revs it seems to stop if i rev it out. it is points ignition. i dont know were to start as it used to run perfectly . i think i have every thing set correctly could it be the advance retard mec perhaps? where should i start fuel or ignition?
  13. zarkoff

    Tl250 Kickstart

    hi there Tim thanks for the info i'll give them a ring . thanks Steve.
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