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  1. Yes they are be buggered, you know I have looked at that sketch before and wondered what it relates to! Thankyou for that, and for the record, the way I read it.... front 25mm from edge of rim to inside of disc rear 34mm rim to centre of disc. Pictures anyone?
  2. Hi can anyone measure the wheel offset for me? I am about to rebuild the wheels on my 98 mont 315 . I think mine is incorrect as the front spokes catch the rear of the brake caliper and no matter how I mount the silencer the tyre catches. The wheels were rebuilt by the previous keeper. A measurement from outside the disc on both wheels would do me. 2 steel rules ,one as a straight edge one to measure? From outside disc to widest part of rim? Also could anyone post pictures of spoke configerations? Cheers Dom
  3. Have you been? Good one this sunday for you at Butsfield....sorry no postcode!
  4. Can organisers please include a postcode when listing a trial. Not everyone knows where they all are!
  5. Recently I was at a trial where a competitor fell off into a rose bush, quite amusing I thought untill he stood up and his face was awash with blood. The thorns had ripped into his face and lips. He was quite shocked (as many others were ) at the amount of blood. The cuts were not life threatening but the amount of blood scary. Everyone sort of waited for someone else to help him, as no-one could think of how to help, someone suggested he ''rode back to the burger van to get some napkins'' This raised a point. would it be a daft thing for all observers to carry a simple first aid kit? I am not suggesting that they administer first aid, there are plenty of riders who are first aider and observers are scarce enough. It would have been easy for me to have bandaged him up.( maybe I should carry one?) So about
  6. Nothing is involved in being a member. You need to be a member of a club and hold a licence to ride to be insured. All the cluubs seem well run and any good to join. Some have a social scene eg club house etc . Turn up at a trial when you are ready to go, tell people its your first trial, ask for advice when you need it and enjoy!
  7. Geordiland North east england not Uk (though when on holiday abroad some folk think we sound a wee bit scottish!!!)
  8. Hi, you are probably in the best place in the country for the amount of trials to compete in! I would advise to just turn up at a trial, join that club
  9. I have just put a pirelli on my 315 . Brilliant grip and seems to be wearing really well 3lb in it. I ride easy and occasional clubman and its fine for this. At 51 quid fitted against the price of a michelin there isnt a choice for me. Cheers
  10. Buddy up with someone who is better rider than you and is prepared to watch and help you.
  11. no punishment, just voluntary.
  12. Have you got the washer in the front pipe still? if not, put one back in!
  13. How about just plain alloy (polished or brushed)
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