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  1. Can you believe it, some one looked at my rev 3 today after 10 mins on ebay!! Sods law, it broke when they test rode it, have had no probems with the bike for ages and ages!! Looks like cdi unit has broken Anyone know a rough price on these??
  2. Hey all. My bike is now on ebay, im looking for a newer beta now! I have been looking around and there are 2 bikes that i keep looking at but i thought they were far more expensive than they are!!! one is at bvm CLICK HERE The other is on ebay CLICK HERE Still unsure if 4 stroke is the way to go or not tho ???
  3. What new parts did you buy? i.e gaskets etc
  4. Ive had the good old kill switch problem before. . . its always the last thing to check lol,
  5. Found out the problem, STATOR!!!!! Bloody things are
  6. It seems you have the same problem as me, Im lucky in the fact that i got a few mates with trials bike one being exactly the same bike as mine, Its really bugging me now tho. . . I have tried all the obvios like you have and still no joy, My next plan of attack is a new spark plug and some fresh fuel (Not tesco) Even though i have alwas ran it on tesco 99 and it has been fine?!?!? Wierd eh?
  7. Its def not the woodruff key because i have had flywheel of when checking stator, Bad batch of fuel is possible i i normally get mine from Tesco
  8. This is the one thing i have not replaced but i will at some point, The spark plug in there seems to be in perfect condition
  9. yup, fan runs like clockwork, not long had new thermostat and impeller!
  10. Hey folks, Been having problems with my 2002 rev 3 250cc, For the last 2 weeks my bike has been pinging and knocking and running like crap when it gets hot? I have rebuild top end- Still no good De-coked everything- still no good Swapped carb from my friends bike- still no good changed all oils and water- still no good tested stator- still no good. Has any one had this problem before The bike runs like a dream for the first 20mins of riding then it all goes pete-tong and is un-rideable ?!?! Puzzled ?!?!
  11. Probably air in there somewhere,
  12. hi, Im looking at changing the apperance of my bike, I undersatnd you can fit newer plastics on an older bike, I have a 2001 rev 3 and i need to know what plastics will fit, My bro (sawtooth) fitted the red '04 plastics on his '03 rev 3 with no problems, There are a few differences between 01' and '03 ie airbox, What i would like to know is whats the newest plastics i can fit i i buy all the parts ie airbox, James
  13. Yeah i guess my bike is ok atm. . . the only thing is the rear shock seems very soft, By looking on ebay im only going to be able to buy a 2005ish bike. My bike has done me fine for a while, i think im just bored of looking at it lol
  14. Hey guys/Girls Im thinking of getting another trials bike but im unsure if its worth the bother. . . Basically i have
  15. Did you get a spanner? i have done it with a hammer and screwdriver (doh) but might be a good tool to take out so i can tweek it!
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