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  1. the key is very small and mine sheared putting my timing out so it's possible
  2. tonybroad

    Restoring My 247

    looks a good project, first rode one in late 70's - i've got a good 247 tank seat unit which i plan to take a mould off at some stage so i can make a 'new' replacement one, got 348 and 349 ones too but it's all a work in progress when i get time good luck keep us posted tony
  3. tonybroad

    wheel stickers

    get your money back and get maybe a new air filter or an accurate tyre pressure gauge - they WILL improve your bike
  4. check the obvious, everything clean, fresh fuel, timing, plug gap etc check your compression, if it's down a set of piston rings can often invigourate a tired engine tony
  5. i'm making moulds for Montesa 348 and 349 tank/seat units at the moment and have sprayed both original tanks with regular car 2 pack paint to take the mould off, any decent body repair shop should be able to cope with fibreglass bits or are you looking for someone who sprays fibreglass gelcoat ? Tony
  6. check any filters or even better blow out all fuel lines/jets etc
  7. superb place, acres of room and suitable for beginners or world champions alike, the guys who run the place are sound and keep it under control without laying down the law tony
  8. my friend in the USA used GoPro HD HERO in 720p 60fps - check out hovercrafting on ice comes highly recomendedtony
  9. any trials broadcasts are good news, can't help thinking tho - radio invented 1920 - internet video streaming/broadcasting available from a standard PC webcam and interviews can be saved or even mixed with clips of the rider in action over the interviews, just a thought any more DVD's due - Ryan Young DVD's best i've ever seen tony
  10. tonybroad

    290 not running...

    is enough fuel getting to the float bowl, float valve or what trips it off may have bbeen disturbed sounds like only a little fuel is getting through just a thought if it ran ok before tony
  11. i doubt it's crank seal, there'd be a definite loss of power and it wouldn't have picked up better - what oil do you use and to what ratio, make sure airways and air filter are clean and clear and check the choke isnt sticking open or partially open just my thoughts tony
  12. interesting engineering problem couple of thoughts - two foot brake levers one slightly longer, inboard and slightly above a shorter lever, foot could apply each individually or both at once with slight rocking of the foot to exert different pressures on each, two stock master cylinders together, shorten one lever - off the shelf stuff easy to prototype i knew an old bultaco with a thumb operated decompression lever underneath the throttle, thumb rear brake, first finger front brake so three fingers hanging on just my thoughts tony
  13. i gotta say the new ossa is looking good so far and Fajardo aint doin too bad in the indoor with it
  14. i dunno what's in his head but i have to say Cabestany and Fajardo were really strong too which might also be affecting him - sometimes it's the smallest move that gives others the edge, Bou is still in a class of his own but it's for the others to catch up the new Ossa is looking good and is worth the wait despite early disappontments, i'll give it a year of development before thinking of getting one but i'm tempted on another thread why do you think the UK riders are not fairing so well, they are talented young guys but seem to crumble at the indoor events all makes it intersting for us though just my opinion tony
  15. tonybroad

    290 for newbie

    hi - i got a sherco 290 after many years away from trials an i love it - sure it will punish you if you don't give it respect but your previous experience will serve you well - go for it, the 290 is a glorious bike, gentle when you need it and a beast when there's a mountain to climb cheers tony
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