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  1. Now then, anyone any ideas on a cheap bike in South North Island in New Zealand/ any good trialing things around and masterton/wellington? Cheers Chris
  2. i only know because i thaught about it with a much cleverer man than me, and he said it would be a bad idea, plus massivly decrease life of pump!
  3. lack of fuel? ie putting too much strain on the pump, hence why one filter before the pump?
  4. jeeves88

    Throttle Cable

    Right this is going to sound technical but how long does that threaded bit on top of the carb need to be like its the cable adjuster? i tweaked it and now cant get the bike to run right, i know it sets the height of the bit in the carb but how do you kno where its meant to be? should add 290 sherco, 2011 bike Cheers
  5. jeeves88

    Welding On Bike

    Now then, Thanks very much figured that might be the case like, but without a battery i didnt think it would take much harm. Cheers
  6. jeeves88

    Welding On Bike

    Mig welding on bike, what about the electrics of the bike? 11 sherco?
  7. 4th and flog it up hill, mine does it everytime start it if left over week!
  8. Hay tried clicking on link and it just says page cannot be found? was a good day today them little kids are crazy!
  9. May I enquire what place near catterick?
  10. How did you straighten it? press? hammer? surely it will sort of bodge it and make either the disc not quite straight or damage it and so in the long run itll just ruin itself again? cheers
  11. Hello all, good ride today bent the front brake disc! Anyone straightened one? Would it be likely to nacker the seals in master cylinder on handlebars? Cheers chris
  12. Now all, new bike to me and got used to it and today been giving it bit of welly and 3 times its conked out, seperate occasions. Feels like runing out of fuel, wondered if pump aint keeping up with fuel? Starts first kick after Cheers for any ideas chris
  13. ive been looking at this, debating what bike to get, between gas gas and sherco 250 or a montesa 4 stroke, and i cant decide really. farely rough on machine just maybe fancying four stroke due to its nature to be a bit more rugged, true false? any opinions obviously rag it and itll break but i would of thought there just be a bit less tempermental!
  14. now then i had a 270 99 and had that as first bike, then went to a 250 06, (which is for sale) and theres no loss in power, ive had a go on johnathon richardson old 290, tweaked up to holy hell, and i aint a good rider and 250 is plenty of power for anything, and i like going up steep hills its one thing i think i can do!
  15. Now then, ye this rattle was like with the clutch out on like tickover, just tinking be another ting to replace, maybe clutch plates loose or bearing somewhere
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