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  1. I know this is a very old thread but will the XL350 crankshaft fit the 250 cases
  2. Not sure if it's of any interest to any of you, but I have decided to scrap my project. As a result I am selling my 500 short stroke engine with MD barrel,XT350 Wiseco forged piston, all new bearings, cam followers etc and cylinder head completely restored and sorted by Roger Taylor at RTS. Brand new build as in un used. Will sell after Xmas If interested contact chamber66@sky.com John
  3. pitted forks is the name of the company. They do a very good job £165 that includes collection and delivery back to you They do an excellent job sales@pittedforks.co.uk
  4. Not my rules sorry, guess that's what the gators are for I think they had invented chrome in the 50's but i may be mistaken Lol
  5. Forks are for a pre60 motocross bikes and they have to be or look like period parts. hence the Norton sliders. Cerianis etc are not eligible
  6. Can't get hold of him? What I don't understand is if the Norton Stanchions are 35mm and the new bits are 35mm, then why turn down the new slider, wouldn't it be easier to just make new bushes or fit the new stanchions in to the Roadholder bottoms?
  7. Well I have some Roadholder sliders After a bit of research, what I think that you do id machine down the Marzocchi sliders so that they fit tightly inside the Norton ones. Then bond them together. Mmmm Seems easy enough
  8. Firstly who does this conversion? Secondly what's involved. i read here that the stanchions are machined down. Why if it's 35mm into 35mm? What's the bit about bondong/gluing them. I have basic engineering skills, so wondering why I can't do this myself? Thanks
  9. Haven't been able to find one, motor that is Do you have anymore info on converting the 350, is it really that simple? BTW I want it for scrambles
  10. Is it possible to build a Matchless/AJS 500cc short stroke motor using a roadster engine and one of those barrels advertised on E,Bay? or any other way for that matter Thanks
  11. The ones i'm seeing are about 2" too long. so i don't think that sticking them out the top looks good
  12. Hi I'm looking to upgrade the forks on my BSA. I'm looking at Cerianis or Betor forks. Unfortunately all the ones i'm seeing are too long. Is it possible to shorten them and if so how do you do this?
  13. drake

    Blue Exaust Pipe

    Just a thought on this, but if it's been retarded wont that also make the pipe hot?
  14. drake

    New 315 Owner

    Ummmm! you sent me the pictures of it
  15. drake

    New 315 Owner

    Theyre Paioli forks. As I have already told you. Get that shock sorted asap as well
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