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  1. Thanks mate. I was sort of expecting a few more opions. But its a strange old place tis the Internet.
  2. Whats your options on witch is the best bike? Not intending to do anything full on just a couple of hours out and about. Cant edit the title now but if it maters? the scorpas a 06
  3. I,d like to have an idea what the bike actually is? If its a bit of a home made thing then i probably wont bother with it.
  4. Here it is not the best photo but you get the idea Sellers asking £750 for it What you think?
  5. Right I see. Dident realise they made road bikes to. This is a 1950's with a ty front end from the looks of it. I,l try and post a photo of it up.
  6. I've been offered on but have no idea how much there worth or if you can still get parts for them? Any info at the moment would be of help. I'm not looking to do events on it just a bit of fun on the odd Sunday. Cheers
  7. My plan is to get something and spend a bit of time tinkering in the garage when i have nothing else to do. No real intentions of competing just a bit of fun on the odd Sunday once what ever it is ive bought is finished. The main reason i thought of a old twin shock is that there not going to go down in value? Anything 2 stroke twin shock these days just seems to be rising price.
  8. Thats why there cheap then maybe? I do like the old fantics but they go for even more money that TY,s and that if you can find one.
  9. Thing is the Ty,s are almost double the prices of the montys. Ive seen a montesa 348 does that mean is a 348cc? If not what do the numbers mean?
  10. The TY,s are double the price through. What i need to know what are the difference in the montesa models? Ive seen a 348 so would that be a 348cc?
  11. Im thinking of getting myself a old twin shock trials bike for bit of a rebuild project. There seems to be more montesa,s about than most other makes and the prices are reasonable to. So the questions? What should i look out for and what are the best models?
  12. Just bought a beta techno 250 97 model First problem i noticed it leeks a bit of fuel from the carb and if i leave it stand over night it tends to flood so i have to dry the plug to get it started. second the rear brake is rubbish. Thirdly i cant get neutral with the engine running no mater what. Lastly how long should it take for the fan to kick in. Apart from that i rather like it. Better bike than the old cota 315 i used to have.
  13. That explains then why it seams so heavy. I take it the smaller tanks are all the carbon effect ones?
  14. And on average how long does it last you? cant help thinking the old monty is like running a min jag compered to some other bikes ive been out with.
  15. 04 sherco stolen along with a 2005 yzf 450 from the seven sisters/neath south wales area Sunday night pm me if you here anything about these bikes thanks
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