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  1. Hi bombardier and well done on getting a 247 (pics and more info please!) I had the wheels rebuilt on mine by a great guy (Vince Warner) who is based in West Sussex. http://colwoodwheelworks.co.uk/wheel-building/ Assuming that the wheels that you have are the more common, small hub type (as opposed to the large mk1 hub wheels) I know that he stored all the dimensions and specifications for the spokes, and I am sure that he would be very happy to supply the correct spokes, or to rebuild the wheels.
  2. I think that sparks has summed this up well. There is always going to be some delay between build and first registration, the length of which could be weeks, months or even years depending on a whole load of possible scenarios. It stands to reason therefore that a registration number is no precise measure of build date. I also agree that it is possible that one statement of information can be taken, and repeated often enough, so as to become accepted as gospel. To make life considerably easier for anyone wanting to register an early 247, the ideal would be to have an agreed list of frame numbers vs. build dates that the VMCC are happy to accept and use as the yardstick.
  3. There is a production timeline in English here http://www.rmmontesa...onofcota247.htm
  4. Hi Martin I was hoping that you would contribute to this. The more I look at this, the more varieties I see! Cotas seem to be everything from tangerine orange to claret, a new twist on 50 shades.....??
  5. Thanks for the pointer. I've added the link
  6. This is something that I have been trying to find for some time. None of this is definitive, and I would be delighted if anyone can confirm, correct, or add to this thread, so that we can hopefully arrive at a complete list of correct colours and corresponding paint codes for each model. It may well be that over time, so many bikes have been re-painted in various shades that it is difficult now, to find examples with original paint, and to know what is technically correct. In general, there appear to be at least three different reds that were used during Cota 247 production. (I know the last bike here is a 348, but the same colour is used on late 247s) Early The Mk 1 & 2 seem to have started out with a bright, scarlet red. I have seen examples with a darker, slightly plummy red, however re-paints and fading probably accounts for the variation. Overall, I would say that the majority started out with bright red body work. This photo is "Greeve's" and shows his unrestored mk2 And Martin's (Triple_x) taken in 1968 Mid-life The more orangey red seems to come in around 1973/4 (with the mk 4?) Late From what I can see, a darker orange/red was used in the late 1970’s. Codes and matches (Again, please do not take these as gospel, and hopefully they can be updated or confirmed) Early:- Code:? Matches:? Mid:- Code:? Matches: VW/Audi "Mars Red" n.b. There are two different shades of "Mars Red! 1976-80 "Mars Rot" LA31B (This is slightly darker) 1980's "Mars Red" LA3 A (Has a slightly more "orangey" colour) Late:- Lacquer- Dupont Lucite Acrylic Lacquer Code 75-Red 1978 Enamel- PPG Delstar Acrylic enamel Dar 72155SC Fleet bright red Source: (http://montesacotati...ank-repair.html From http://www.rmmontesa.../paintcodes.htm: "Red: 1984-1994 Suzuki Car (Saint Germain Red 15P 99L-25797) I have found (but not used) this website http://www.rsbikepai...-gb/contact.php which lists various Montesa Cota paints.
  7. chris_

    Early Cota Club

    Supermotoscot, it looks like a mk2 from 1970 (the frame number should be between 1800 and 2505). The tank is a later one, yours should have one like the tank on sparks bike at the top of the thread. The air filter is the right one, it is just missing the cover. I have got some colour codes somewhere, so I will have a look to see if I can find them. The 25 looks great, I would love to get one for my youngest, but I am not aware of a dedicated 25 forum. Good luck with the project
  8. chris_

    Early Cota Club

    Lovely bike. Congratulations!
  9. Here is a right hand change gear lever to get you started (from eBay) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/110879382072?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649
  10. I thought that the photos looked familiar, I saw the bike on the website. It will be very exciting to see a feature on this (I'm a subscriber). As to parts suppliers; in my experience I have had great service from http://www.inmotiontrials.com/ They seem to have a good stock of parts and know what they are talking about. Once you have gone passed he UK based companies, you are going to be looking at Spain where the majority of parts can be found. There are some companies with websites in English, offering online ordering, through to guys in that don't speak English at all, let alone have email or websites. Having local contacts can make a huge difference in terms of what you can find and the cost. I would be happy to send you an email with more details as my experiences have been quite mixed! Aside from these two areas, there are a couple of very well regarded US websites, but shipping costs don't really make these viable from the UK. Where things become more subjective is looking for services such as engine work, wheel rebuilding, bodywork and so on. The Twinshock shop look to cover most things, but I am on the other side of the country so haven't used them. I am sure though that you will get recommendations if you are looking for a particular trade or service. How much are you planning on doing yourself?
  11. It looks extremely original and a great project. It even looks as if it has got its original beige fuel cap under that red paint. These seem to be impossible to find. It appears to also have the original air filter housing, rear sprocket, foot pegs, carb and inlet, and yokes, all of which are scarce and unique to the early bikes. The rims and those lovely big hubs look in great condition as well, even down to the Akront sticker. The parts that you are missing are all available (aluminium mudguards, chain cover, side stand, correct shocks). For the gear lever, these do come up from time to time on eBay. With the front stay, it is integral to the mudguard so the most practical (but expensive) option is to buy the whole unit. How did you come by it? Do you know anything of its history?
  12. Hi Jerry Congratulations on your new addition! I share your view with trying to keep it original, however some of the very early parts are tricky to find (or very expensive), as I have discovered. Have you seen this thread? http://www.trialscen...-cota-247-1969/ It has been a bit quiet on there recently, but there are a few on this forum with early 247s so it would be great see some photos of yours, and to hear how you get on.
  13. It is worth noting that Berlingos with the "Modutop" option (here's mine in the photos) have got roof lockers which reduce the height in the middle, and at the back. With mine, the handlebars would scrape the underside of the lockers when loading/unloading. That said, I think they are great, and as mentioned before, you can easily remove one or both rear seats to make even more room. I have shifted two bikes, with no problem. Loads of info about them on here www.berlingoforum.co.uk
  14. They look like Cota 247 forks to me. These appear to be the later, mk 3 (1971) and onwards, which were then all the same up to 1980. Early Cota forks are thicker. The brake arm looks the same as the later 247s of mine, so I think this probably remained unchanged as well, after 1971.
  15. Mine has a 12mm tap, so I think you will be ok.
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