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  1. hightown

    Paint Codes

    hello Bondy I have used Ford Electric/ Monza blue from Halfords. This is the nearest I can get. Hope this helps. Hightown
  2. Hello Woody I have a 198a 1979 250cc that has a 11. X. 39. ,The overall first gear ratio is 37 .7 to 1 ,Would that be about normal for a trials bike Thanking you in advance. Hightown
  3. hightown

    Bultaco 198A

    Thanks Bondy for your reply Hightown
  4. hightown

    Bultaco 198A

    Where can I get a piston for a 198a bultaco it has a bore of 71mm. Thanking you in advance. Hightown
  5. hightown

    Gear Ratio

    Anyone know the overall first gear ratio of the 250 cc gas gas. Thanking you in advance. Hightown
  6. Hello Mavt Hello Mavt I have fitted a 20 pilot jet today the pick up from rest is so smooth it easier to control the tight turns Thanking You Hightown
  7. I have a bultaco 198a it has a 30 pilot fitted the manual has it at 20 is there any advantage having the larger one fitted. Thanking you Hightown
  8. I have a 198a 1979 blue bultaco with alloy baseplate It is fitted with 11x39 sprockets, the bottom gear works out at 37.7 second gear29.2,that what was on it when I bought it in 1980 Would this be standard On a 198a. Thanking you in advance. Hightown
  9. I have a 198a bultaco 1979 is has 13/39 is this standard for this model. hightown
  10. hightown

    Carb for M80

    I had the same problem, as my bike layed up for 22 years. It turned up the jet at the bottom of the choke was blocked. Once i got it cleaned it start 2nd or 3rd kick. Hope this help Hightown
  11. hightown

    Cracked Airbox

    My airbox broke away at the 3 front holes of the airbox,I brought the airbox hose round fixing plate from bultaco [uk],I fitted it too the inside of the airbox hose aperture and glued the broken parts into the 3 holes, I then screwed the two plates together which made a very strong joint,I also fitted two rubber washers under the bolts to separate the airbox from the frame to stop any vibration which i think may have caused it to split Hightown
  12. i have a bultaco 198a 250cc it will start with the choke on from cold after two or three kicks, after it has warmed up if i stop to look at a section for four or five minutes i have to use the choke again for it to start, is there anything i can adjust it to start without the choke. Thanking you in advance hightown .
  13. Hello Charlie When starting a bultaco 198a from cold fitted with a amal mk2 carburetter with the choke on should you keep the throttle fully closed or a little open. Thanking you in advance Hightown
  14. Hello Bondy i have a 198a bultaco i have backed them off 4 full turns and the clutch is very smooth with no slip.Hope this helps Hightown
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