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  1. I really couldn’t bother my behind, as I gave up looking at his ads years ago. But if you want to spend your money with him go right ahead, it’s a relatively free world last time I checked . 😎
  2. What sort of a Telephone number is he looking for it, his prices are completely off the wall! Out of curiosity has anyone ever bought anything from him?
  3. model80


    Hi gas123 and welcome, As lorenzo said contact InMotion for your official date authentication. In the mean time there is more than sufficient knowledge here amongst the members of this forum to give you a unofficial yet extremely accurate identification. Why not post up the engine and Frame number and we’ll give it a bash Your numbers should start 199 and end with either no letter, A, or B. A photo of the bike will also get even more detail, for you.
  4. Not really. It sound to me like you need a Frontera, or a Pursang.
  5. OK, I’m completely confused by this post. Have you got 1 engine or 2? What exactly do you want to do?
  6. model80

    M49 exhaust.

    I seem to recall a similar post about Billet Parts some months back, with no satisfactory responses as to whether they’re still in business or not.
  7. I recall the Aluminum Tank Badges, it was like they were made out of heavy grade Tin Foil.
  8. The standard Bultaco Alpina plug is a NGK BP5ES or BPR5ES.
  9. Local to where, apart from were it was sold you didnt exactly leave much information for forum members to contribute to!
  10. If you post the Engine & Frame number it’ll be very easy to identify the model of Sherpa you have. Its potentially a 198B (239cc) or a 199B (340cc) and if it has a 6 Speed gearbox it’s definitely the 340cc. These were the very last Sherpa’s produced by Bultaco between 1981 & 83, before the factory closed.
  11. I never recall a 198/199 engine with springs holding the exhaust on to a manifold, which the Barrel on this engine appears to have. So I presume it's a 159 Barrel or earlier.
  12. The tank and saddle combination look like a Sammy Miller aftermarket add-on. The exhaust is possible Miller as well, with the earlier type "Banana type" Silencer and Miller replacement Centre box. Otherwise the engine and frame look like a 198 to me. The 250 is a nice bike and was somewhat overshadowed by its bigger brother the 325 in the U.K. However in France and Spain the 250 is highly regarded.
  13. New steering stop, otherwise you'll be denting and scraping your newly painted tank Blue or White, it's all down to originality or not. Me, I would go blue. It's your bike and it's up to you entirely. Footrests, get new brackets welded on ,as the existing one's won't accommodate modern footrests. There are a number of modern footrests available from the usual suppliers, https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/alloy-universal-footrest-kit-with-weld-on-brackets/ https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/universal-footrest-kit-with-weld-on-brackets/
  14. model80

    Sherpa Kickstart

    More money than sense I'd say. I know a chap in the Midlands making brand new 199A & 199B Side Stand for half that price. He'll also do one in Stainless Steel for a few bob more. But what has "used prop stand" got to do with a discussion about a kick start lever?
  15. After asking a few questions, I now know exactly what Bearings I need to fit.
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