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  1. Don’t forget there was the 50 mythical 6 speed 198B’s, that the French Importer some how managed to get built at the very last throw of the dice.
  2. The 325 came with a Bing Carburettor, so totally different. Although the numbers might sound similar a Bing 150 will not correspond in anyway with that of a Amal 150. The best advice received, is dump the Amal and get a Mikuni.
  3. If you’re looking for a “Desert Sled”, get yourself a Pursang or a Frontera.
  4. The very first batch of 198 & 199 came with Fibreglass Tanks. I had one on my very first Sherpa, which I recently found buried in our shed and have started to restore it.
  5. I presume you been in touch with Hugh’s Bultaco and Ralph’s Bultaco Parts US? Ralph, bought all of Jan Mobley’s stock. I believe Hogan Cycle Parts have stopped taking orders since February. I have no idea if they plan to restart, or sell their stock on to someone else.
  6. Every Bultaco that came out of the factory was 6v (barely 🤣😂) The Electrex World system can now offer 12v that can support LED lighting etc.
  7. His is a list of the Prefix Letters, that I came across some years ago, I’m afraid I cannot credit the source of the document as I cannot recall who the Author was.
  8. You are spot on with that one. That’s a good price as well. A lot of the Sherpa riders use this Airbox, as the later type Sherpa199/A/B all had Airboxes that were quite fiddly to access and work on. Especially the one on the 199B. A good find.
  9. Saddle has arrived and now fitted, Front end to be painted and she’s finished, only took 4 and a half years ?
  10. Bought a M 80 about 4 years ago in similar condition for €500 here in Ireland.
  11. Yes, I would have said M80 Sherpa T 250, they were manufactured from Sept 1971 to March 1972. Lovely bikes, plenty of spare parts available to do a full restoration.
  12. Cheers Lads, thanks for all the information. I got a email today confirmed the order is been shipped, but no tracking was included. Hopefully I’ll have my shiny new blue saddle in a week to 10 days.
  13. Have any of you guys had dealings with Ivan Cirre Motos, near Barcelona. I placed a order two weeks ago and have received no confirmation of shipping, or tracking number. I have sent a message through their website and a couple of emails without reply.
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