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  1. model80


    Currently retailing for $500 plus. https://technologyelevated.com/product/25mm-sc1-smartcarb/
  2. That looks fantastic, great job!
  3. model80

    198 A

    Standard Bultaco Fork Seals, will do the job, available from InMotion or any other purveyor of Bultaco parts. I’m sorry but I don’t follow what’s wrong with your Carb, could you have a second go?
  4. model80

    Brake plate id

    Have never encountered a Brake Arm like that on any Sherpas, Pursangs, Fronteras, or Metrallas. The casting doesn’t look to Bultaco as it a has much less smoother exterior than the usual Bultaco finish. That’s just my thrupence worth. ?
  5. Thanks Lads, I have the tape measure out first thing.
  6. In the midst of my Covid199B restoration. Can anyone confirm the actual length of the 199B Clutch Push Rod. As ever thanks for the assistance.
  7. model80

    Thread Pitch

    One brilliant side effect of this Social Isolation is that I have plenty of garage time to finally get dug into my 199B restoration. I notice this evening when attempting to fit the rear shocks that one of the threaded dowls to hold the Shocks to the Swinging arm has been powder Coated inside and has clogged the threads. What size tap must I use to redress the threads. Is it Metric or Metric Fine? Here a link of the type of screws and washers I’ll be using. https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/rear-shock-fixing-kit-silver/
  8. I really couldn’t bother my behind, as I gave up looking at his ads years ago. But if you want to spend your money with him go right ahead, it’s a relatively free world last time I checked . ?
  9. What sort of a Telephone number is he looking for it, his prices are completely off the wall! Out of curiosity has anyone ever bought anything from him?
  10. model80


    Hi gas123 and welcome, As lorenzo said contact InMotion for your official date authentication. In the mean time there is more than sufficient knowledge here amongst the members of this forum to give you a unofficial yet extremely accurate identification. Why not post up the engine and Frame number and we’ll give it a bash Your numbers should start 199 and end with either no letter, A, or B. A photo of the bike will also get even more detail, for you.
  11. Not really. It sound to me like you need a Frontera, or a Pursang.
  12. OK, I’m completely confused by this post. Have you got 1 engine or 2? What exactly do you want to do?
  13. model80

    M49 exhaust.

    I seem to recall a similar post about Billet Parts some months back, with no satisfactory responses as to whether they’re still in business or not.
  14. I recall the Aluminum Tank Badges, it was like they were made out of heavy grade Tin Foil.
  15. The standard Bultaco Alpina plug is a NGK BP5ES or BPR5ES.
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