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  1. model80

    1978 bultaco sherpa t

    I never recall a 198/199 engine with springs holding the exhaust on to a manifold, which the Barrel on this engine appears to have. So I presume it's a 159 Barrel or earlier.
  2. model80

    1978 bultaco sherpa t

    The tank and saddle combination look like a Sammy Miller aftermarket add-on. The exhaust is possible Miller as well, with the earlier type "Banana type" Silencer and Miller replacement Centre box. Otherwise the engine and frame look like a 198 to me. The 250 is a nice bike and was somewhat overshadowed by its bigger brother the 325 in the U.K. However in France and Spain the 250 is highly regarded.
  3. model80

    198a frame powder coated

    New steering stop, otherwise you'll be denting and scraping your newly painted tank Blue or White, it's all down to originality or not. Me, I would go blue. It's your bike and it's up to you entirely. Footrests, get new brackets welded on ,as the existing one's won't accommodate modern footrests. There are a number of modern footrests available from the usual suppliers, https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/alloy-universal-footrest-kit-with-weld-on-brackets/ https://www.inmotiontrials.com/product/universal-footrest-kit-with-weld-on-brackets/
  4. model80

    Sherpa Kickstart

    More money than sense I'd say. I know a chap in the Midlands making brand new 199A & 199B Side Stand for half that price. He'll also do one in Stainless Steel for a few bob more. But what has "used prop stand" got to do with a discussion about a kick start lever?
  5. model80

    Tapered Head Bearings

    After asking a few questions, I now know exactly what Bearings I need to fit.
  6. model80

    New day, New problem

    Check the size of the transfer port on the crankcase and the base of the cylinder if correct they will be a match.
  7. model80

    Tapered Head Bearings

    When you're on the end of a very long supply line, as I do not live in the U.K. Sourcing items locally for generic items such as Bearings, and other general engineering items is second nature and a very easy process. Especially when you built up a relationship with one of the best local engineering supplies shop over 35 years and who just so happens to be on my doorstep.
  8. model80

    Tapered Head Bearings

    He's doing alright out of me. 😁
  9. model80

    Tapered Head Bearings

    Would anyone have the Bearing number for the Tapered Roller Bearing for the Sherpa Stiring Head? I know they are available from the eminent supplier of all things Bultaco. However they're are a number of very good Bearing suppliers on my doorstep here in Dublin which will save me a lot of hassle.
  10. model80

    Sherpa Kickstart

    I recently did an excerise of getting this type of Kickstart remanufactured. I contacted a well know UK based small batch engineering company, whose work has impressed me over the years. But unfortunatley whatever way I did the maths it was never going to come in less than £160 plus p&p. Considering that the original "new" one is retailed for less £80 plus p&p, I felt is would not be worthwhile to proceed with the project.
  11. model80

    199A parts

    What colour did you use on the frame? It looks different to the tank.
  12. model80

    A Nice Find

    Was doing a bit of a clear out over the Christmas and New Year, basically making room for some ongoing projects. So amongst all the usual bits and pieces I unearthed my original Owners Manual from my very first Trials bike, my 199 Sherpa T. So I put it aside carefully and said I'll have a good at that later. So I'm leafing through it last night and what do I find only the original Certificate of Date of Sale, which I didn't know was even in it. As you can see the bike was originally sold in Oct 1977, I bought the bike from the original owner in 1979 and kept it until 1985, current whereabouts unknown. As you can see from the photos below, it's a very early Sherpa 199, it had a fibreglass tank which looked beautiful when brand new, but very fragile. Enjoy the few photos.
  13. model80

    325 gear oil

    I recall that the factory use to specify 600cc of SAE 140 for the Gearbox and 250cc of 30w for the Clutch.
  14. model80

    1965 M10 original throttle

    I seem to recall that the early models were fitted with a all metal, chrome finished Amal Type 16 throttle. Bear in mind the original would have been more than likely manufactured in Spain. http://amalcarb.co.uk/controls-cables/twist-grips/type-16-single-cable-twist-grip-7-8-bars.html I recall we couldn't sell them for love nor money as everyone wanted the right angled twist grip which had been available for a number of years at this stage. There was also a rubber shroud available to tidy it up and weatherproof it.
  15. model80

    Custom modernized Bultaco

    Giles Escuyer, used a hydrolic clutch, similar to what the Romero Bros developed. As this involves a bit of slicing and dicing of the Mag cover, I feel Giles was very prudent in not using the later type Mag cover on this bike. As a replacement is very difficult to obtain and if found, horrendously expensive! It is certainly nice to see someone doing something different with the Sherpa, as there have quite a number of individuals doing their interpretation of how the Pursang should have developed.