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  1. model80

    M151 engine teardown

    InMotion in the U.K, have very good quality copied part manuals for well under that price. I bought one and it's just as good as the originals from the factory. Best of luck with the rebuild
  2. model80

    Bultaco parts

    When you say "sorry state" is it the rim, hub or spokes? The wheel could be possibly repaired, Leo O'Reilly Motorcycles, Dorset Street, Dublin, have been doing wheel rebuilding for years. I bought a secondhand reconditioned Rear Wheel from InMotion a couple of years back.
  3. model80

    Bultaco parts

    Hi Ciaran, welcome to the wonderfully idiosyncratic world of Bultaco's. Why not post up a few photos of your bike, along with the Engine and Frame numbers. There is a fabulous depth of knowledge here on this forum and a very friendly atomsphere, never feel that your question is daft or silly, just post it up. I have 2 Sherpa's which I hope to complete some day, one is well on the way, the other is still let us say "waiting to get to the start line". Unfortunatley you won't find any Irish spare part sources as the Importer closed down many years ago. However I can personally vouch for the expertise at InMotion when it comes to Bultaco spare parts, they are very professional and getting bit 'n pieces over to Ireland is no trouble and post/carraige is very reasonable. Have fun rebuilding your Bultaco and if you want to give me a PM anytime, don't hesitate.
  4. model80

    175 convention bultaco

    The last generation of the road going Bultaco Streaker 80cc & 125cc had a centrally located exhaust port. I believe that these formed the basis of the prototype motor which saw the light of day in the Pursang Mk15. This would have gone to be used in the follow on to the 199B Sherpa. This model would have been radically different to preceeding Sherpa's as the drive sprocket was located significantly closer to the swinging arm pivot. Sadly we can only guess at it's potential.
  5. model80

    Bolt behind seat

    A picture would greatly help. 😎
  6. model80

    Bultaco 199A Ingition

    Try the "Czech Republic", midgy 😎
  7. model80

    Bultaco 199A Ingition

    The kit from Gemany comes with its own flywheel.
  8. model80

    Placement of stickers/decals

    The "Made in Spain", decal usually goes between the petrol cap and the steering stem, about two thirds distance, closer to the steering stem. The "Sherpa" is usually afixed between the saddle and the petrol cap at about four fifths distance from he saddle, in other words closer to the petrol cap, at a inclined 45' angle. If memory serves me correctly, your model didnt have the arrow, just the 250 on the side panels.
  9. model80

    Bultaco 199a Drawings.

    I have yet to come across any pdf of199A drawings on the interweb. I have used a 199 spare parts catalogue which I purchased from InMotion and have found it very useful.
  10. model80

    Bultaco model 212 piston

    Not really grasping what you are asking.
  11. model80

    What Did You Do To Your Bultaco Today?

    The 199 was the last model Sherpa to sport a fibre glass tank. This changed to plastic mid production run with all subsequent models (199A & 199B) having the plastic tanks and Alloy exclusively for the UK.
  12. model80

    Sherpa 199a tank change

    The 159 or 191 tanks were fibreglass (outside the UK) as standard, so that presents it own problem with modern petrol.
  13. model80

    Pursang 370 stancions

    Hi Paddy, E&G Manley Engineering http://manlyengineering.ie/ in Ashbourne, Co. Meath that will more than likely be able to re chrome the forks for you. They are motorcyclists themselves and do very good work. The Matadore won't do the job for you as the travel is considerably shorter. Would love to see your Mk11 sometime.
  14. model80

    Sherpa 199a tank change

    A late model Alpina model 212 or 213, tank and saddle might do the trick. I saw at tank at the Stafford Show in the UK last year and thought that would be useful for longer distances etc. Only reason I didn't buy it the inset nuts for the later type fuel tap were pulled clean out of the tank, from over tightening.
  15. model80

    Bultaco 199a Frame Mods

    Yes, definitely the Todotrial bashplate a lovely piece of kit. Easy to fit and should have been fitted to the Sherpa 199A & B from day one! The Mikuni is a very good up grade over the original Bing. http://todotrial.com/es/tienda-tt/accesorios-y-recambios-para-trial/cubrecarter/placa-cubrecarter-de-aluminio-sherpa-detalle.html