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  1. model80

    199A parts

    What colour did you use on the frame? It looks different to the tank.
  2. model80

    A Nice Find

    Was doing a bit of a clear out over the Christmas and New Year, basically making room for some ongoing projects. So amongst all the usual bits and pieces I unearthed my original Owners Manual from my very first Trials bike, my 199 Sherpa T. So I put it aside carefully and said I'll have a good at that later. So I'm leafing through it last night and what do I find only the original Certificate of Date of Sale, which I didn't know was even in it. As you can see the bike was originally sold in Oct 1977, I bought the bike from the original owner in 1979 and kept it until 1985, current whereabouts unknown. As you can see from the photos below, it's a very early Sherpa 199, it had a fibreglass tank which looked beautiful when brand new, but very fragile. Enjoy the few photos.
  3. model80

    325 gear oil

    I recall that the factory use to specify 600cc of SAE 140 for the Gearbox and 250cc of 30w for the Clutch.
  4. model80

    1965 M10 original throttle

    I seem to recall that the early models were fitted with a all metal, chrome finished Amal Type 16 throttle. Bear in mind the original would have been more than likely manufactured in Spain. http://amalcarb.co.uk/controls-cables/twist-grips/type-16-single-cable-twist-grip-7-8-bars.html I recall we couldn't sell them for love nor money as everyone wanted the right angled twist grip which had been available for a number of years at this stage. There was also a rubber shroud available to tidy it up and weatherproof it.
  5. model80

    Custom modernized Bultaco

    Giles Escuyer, used a hydrolic clutch, similar to what the Romero Bros developed. As this involves a bit of slicing and dicing of the Mag cover, I feel Giles was very prudent in not using the later type Mag cover on this bike. As a replacement is very difficult to obtain and if found, horrendously expensive! It is certainly nice to see someone doing something different with the Sherpa, as there have quite a number of individuals doing their interpretation of how the Pursang should have developed.
  6. model80

    Bultaco parts

    Hi Bill, Your end results are looking good. The 199A is a smashing bike and it's great to see another coming back to life. I recall about 20 in total mostly 325's and a few 250's been brought into Ireland. I have a parts manual which provides very good exploded drawings of all the components if your even in doubt about anything. I have a slow burn restoration of two Sherpa's ongoing, I'm hoping to spend some time working on the 199B over the Christmas as I have a bit of time of work.
  7. model80

    Bultaco Astro.History lesson needed

    I recall one Astro been imported into Ireland in the early mid 70's. The chap who rode it was in the Experts and was fairly handy. I last saw the bike in the mid 80's. It was used in Irish Grasstrack Events. Our version of Grasstrack Racing is using a reletively flat field or one with gentle slopes and hills, with sweeping bends etc. Must make a few enquiries to see if it survived.
  8. model80

    Bultaco parts

    Nice one Bill, I'm just down the road from you in Dublin Did you strip off the black coating paints on the casings or was it done previously? I have to say getting the casing to shine using the buffing wheels give a great sense of satisfaction. Give me a shout anytime, all the best Pat
  9. model80

    New from usa

    Welcome to the forum. Dont be afraid to ask plenty of questions, as there is a very nice friendly atmosphere on the forum.
  10. model80

    M151 engine teardown

    InMotion in the U.K, have very good quality copied part manuals for well under that price. I bought one and it's just as good as the originals from the factory. Best of luck with the rebuild
  11. model80

    Bultaco parts

    When you say "sorry state" is it the rim, hub or spokes? The wheel could be possibly repaired, Leo O'Reilly Motorcycles, Dorset Street, Dublin, have been doing wheel rebuilding for years. I bought a secondhand reconditioned Rear Wheel from InMotion a couple of years back.
  12. model80

    Bultaco parts

    Hi Ciaran, welcome to the wonderfully idiosyncratic world of Bultaco's. Why not post up a few photos of your bike, along with the Engine and Frame numbers. There is a fabulous depth of knowledge here on this forum and a very friendly atomsphere, never feel that your question is daft or silly, just post it up. I have 2 Sherpa's which I hope to complete some day, one is well on the way, the other is still let us say "waiting to get to the start line". Unfortunatley you won't find any Irish spare part sources as the Importer closed down many years ago. However I can personally vouch for the expertise at InMotion when it comes to Bultaco spare parts, they are very professional and getting bit 'n pieces over to Ireland is no trouble and post/carraige is very reasonable. Have fun rebuilding your Bultaco and if you want to give me a PM anytime, don't hesitate.
  13. model80

    175 convention bultaco

    The last generation of the road going Bultaco Streaker 80cc & 125cc had a centrally located exhaust port. I believe that these formed the basis of the prototype motor which saw the light of day in the Pursang Mk15. This would have gone to be used in the follow on to the 199B Sherpa. This model would have been radically different to preceeding Sherpa's as the drive sprocket was located significantly closer to the swinging arm pivot. Sadly we can only guess at it's potential.
  14. model80

    Bolt behind seat

    A picture would greatly help. 😎
  15. model80

    Bultaco 199A Ingition

    Try the "Czech Republic", midgy 😎