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  1. You are spot on with that one. That’s a good price as well. A lot of the Sherpa riders use this Airbox, as the later type Sherpa199/A/B all had Airboxes that were quite fiddly to access and work on. Especially the one on the 199B. A good find.
  2. model80

    Ivan Cirre Motos

    Saddle has arrived and now fitted, Front end to be painted and she’s finished, only took 4 and a half years ?
  3. Bought a M 80 about 4 years ago in similar condition for €500 here in Ireland.
  4. Yes, I would have said M80 Sherpa T 250, they were manufactured from Sept 1971 to March 1972. Lovely bikes, plenty of spare parts available to do a full restoration.
  5. model80

    Ivan Cirre Motos

    Cheers Lads, thanks for all the information. I got a email today confirmed the order is been shipped, but no tracking was included. Hopefully I’ll have my shiny new blue saddle in a week to 10 days.
  6. model80

    Ivan Cirre Motos

    Have any of you guys had dealings with Ivan Cirre Motos, near Barcelona. I placed a order two weeks ago and have received no confirmation of shipping, or tracking number. I have sent a message through their website and a couple of emails without reply.
  7. It has the shape of the preceding model, the 198/199, however they were red in colour. The 198/199 had fibreglass tanks for the first 700/800 bikes off the production line, which switched to the plastic tank after that. The stripe on the side of the tank is from the early production run 198/199 as well. Ive never encountered one with that type of breather pipe or push on filler cap. More than likely a aftermarket job. I think I can make out SM on the Bultaco graphic.
  8. The Tank is for the second to last Sherpa T 199A/198A The date of manufacture (Herstellungsdatum) is 05.1978, May ‘78.
  9. I got it. Have sent you a reply.
  10. Lad, send me a PM and I can have a chat with you. Back in the day, I worked in Lindsay’s and remember how the whole Bord na Móna thing worked. Give me a shout. ?
  11. I’ll do my best to assist. Send me a Message through this Forum
  12. I’m a wee bit confused, you say you bought the bike off Bord na Móna and yet in the next sentence you say you bought it of a guy that bought it from Lindsay Motorcycles in 1976. Am I getting this wrong! Linidsay’s won a major contract to supply the Alpina’s to Bord na Móna in the early 1970’s. They only ever supplied the Alpina to Bord na Móna and never the Sherpa, which was strictly a competition Trials bike. My understanding is that they supplied over one thousand Alpina’s over the course of 8 years. I was always of the understanding that Bord na Móna publicly auctioned off all of their Bultaco Alpina’s in the mid 1980’s. I wouldn’t be surprised that the engine was changed here in Ireland. My recollection is that Bord na Móna bought over a thousand Alpina’s from Lindsay’s, along with masses of spare parts.
  13. model80


    Currently retailing for $500 plus. https://technologyelevated.com/product/25mm-sc1-smartcarb/
  14. That looks fantastic, great job!
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