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  1. bullylover

    Astro 163

    The Weavers would be the shop to ask about specs for the Astros. We are waiting on a pile of parts from them for a 250 M195 Astro to get that bike up and running again. Mainly an original front hub and spokes. I hope it all goes well fr you. Graham.
  2. bullylover

    Astro 163

    I think they are a 60mm stroke but I don`t know for certain. I can`t find any specifications online. I know the MK11 250 Pursangs changed to a 64mm stroke but they were a couple of years after the M163. I`m pretty sure the MK 10 and the MK 9 250 Pursangs were a 60mm stroke.
  3. bullylover

    198 A

    Another option for fork seals is to use KTM SX 65 2002 to 2009 fork seals. These are double lipped so you only need one a side and the last for a long time. The Ariete Seals are the ones to go for.
  4. The idea behind the ignition breather is when you have a hot engine and you enter water the case can suck in some air instead of water as it cools down very fast. So keep the breather if you can.
  5. You might also try Bultaco Australia or Classic Bultaco in the USA. There would also be a few suppliers in Spain.
  6. There is a Dellorto carby dealer in England who mails worldwide. I have bought parts off them before from Australia. I changed operating systems on my computer a while ago so I have lost all the email addresses I had saved so just use Google.
  7. You can also use heat shrink tape. I used that for a while on one of my Sherpas. I`m not sure how long it will last for but it does work.
  8. There is a ball bearing in between the pushrod and the mushroom shaft on the clutch end. It is around the same size as the pushrod. Any pushbike shop should have one but you may have to buy a few to make it worth their while. Graham.
  9. Seeing as you are already in Europe have a look at Frankie Mountain Spares. He is expensive but I think I can remember seeing all the later Bultaco brake light stuff on his website. Graham.
  10. Have a look on the Italjet page for a jetting guide on there. I think they would be much the same as a Sherpa T. They had Dellortos on them from new.
  11. As far as I know the only different threads on a Sherpa T are on the early ones the nuts which hold the carby on are 8 x 1.0 thread and on the later one the 8mm screw which holds the top of the kickstart on is a 8 x 1.0 thread.
  12. bullylover

    M49 Carb leak

    Do you have a fibre washer on the bottom of that bolt? Put one in there and it may tighten everything up.
  13. The top ring is also the widest one as well. Bottom one is narrower.
  14. bullylover


    There are also Barnett clutch plates made in the USA. I have these in my 3 Sherpas. Just google Barnett clutch plates.
  15. I forgot to say David, the main reason for the head gasket was the head gasket way was much cheaper to make than the extended barrel liner.
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