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  1. bullylover

    Piston Rings

    Try Classic Bultaco for some rings. www.classicbultaco.com. It is the longer piston skirt which goes towards the front of the barrel. On a Mahle there should be an arrow on the top of the piston which points towards the exhaust port.
  2. Get rid of the sealant and replace the base gasket. Make one if you are that way inclined. They are easy to make or just splurge and buy one!
  3. bullylover

    Wheel building.

    The Sherpa and Alpina rims were never central in the forks from new. Always closer to the fork on the non brake side.
  4. If you are in the UK then In Motion Trials is the place to go. If in the USA then Bultaco Classic are very good.
  5. Ask In Motion Trials. Dave may still have the Comerfords records.
  6. Try changing the gearbox oil, that may do the trick. It shouldn`t do that.
  7. If you have a look in the Bultaco forums on this site the RAL codes are in there somewhere. There are PPG paint codes on www.bultacoclassic.com under Tech Tips.
  8. Maybe try richening the slide needle up one notch and see what happens after that.
  9. bullylover

    Low tension

    Having a second look that may be the coil wire which is supposed to go to the points. There should be 3 wires going to the points if the condenser is in the ignition. 1 from the coil for power, 1 from the points to the condenser and 1 from the points up to the top coil. It looks like your ignition has had the lighting coil removed so there should also be a ground or earth wire going up top as well. Usually green.
  10. bullylover

    Low tension

    That clear coated wire looks like it could be the wire which is supposed to be black and is supposed to go up to the ignition coil under the tank. Use a multi meter on Ohms to tell you if that wire is connected on the points end. An older manual has a good wiring diagram in them. Clymer or Haynes. Graham.
  11. bullylover

    Low tension

    Your photo is to small to see much but it has to be either the wire from the points to the condenser or the wire from the coil to the points.
  12. Your Montesa will have a Motoplat or a Femsa Ignition on it. Buy one to suit. I can`t remember what the Montesas had on them I`m thinking Motoplat.
  13. If you look closely at the old seal you will find it is a double lipped seal. The new ones are only a single lipped seal which is why you need two of them facing in opposite directions. The old one is about 14mm wide and the new single ones are 7mm wide.
  14. It will be the 4 seals from In Motion you need. Insert these seals back to back so they face in different directions. I always have the spring side facing towards the out side of the seal carrier on both sides of the carrier.
  15. bullylover

    Italjet piston

    Guess what idiot forgot to have a look John? I`ll be back out there early next week though.
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