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  1. bullylover

    MAR Forks

    Seeing as the MAR forks are Betor and I`m assuming the TR80 ones are also Betor they should be the same thread. The longer legs will fit. Just be careful with which damper rods you use. I don`t know if the later model ones had more travel in them.
  2. Have a look on Bultaco Classics website. They are in the USA.
  3. bullylover

    Sherpa 199b

    Hi Ninja. The rear brake backing plate is the same on all of the Sherpas from around the model 92 or so I believe. Any Bultaco with a 125mm brake will be the same. Some of the earlier ones had 2 pins on the non cam side of the shoe..
  4. Maybe also try Bultaco Classic in the USA or Bultaco Australia. They may have some left.
  5. bullylover

    199b clutch

    The ball in between your pushrod and the mushroom should be the same size as the pushrod.
  6. If you are in England just buy one from In Motion Trials. Have a look on their webpage. Nearly all of the Femsa flywheels use the same size. I know the 100cc Lobitos use the normal Femsa pullers..
  7. The red wire is your brake light one. I can`t remember what the grey one is for. I will be able to look tomorrow though. I do have an owners manual for a M213 but it isn`t here.
  8. Yes it does jofritz. Use the timing information for the Alpinas for your Lobito. You will need a Femsa flywheel puller. Points gap is .40 mm and the timing will be around 2.9 mm BTDC. I can`t remember what the timing is for a 175 Lobito. That will work though.
  9. They go with the flatter side out. The pointier side in.
  10. Have a look on eBay. Often have them on there.
  11. I have NJB Trix shocks on my 199B Sherpa T and they are great. I also have NJB Expert shocks on my 159 and 199 and they are also very good. The Trix ones are better but more expensive. I also bought 2 pairs of Experts for a mate to go on his 199A and his 199B and he really likes them too!
  12. Pull your tap apart and make sure it is clean inside the tap. The bit that turns it on and off again should come out. The tap rubber often gets old and rotten.
  13. They are as rare as Rocking Horse Poo! Get your old one welded up.
  14. They are made of either polyethylene or polypropelene which makes them very porous. So that means you have to line the insides which often doesn`t last long and use a plastic primer and flex aid on the outside. Cheaper and easier to just buy one off In Motion for a hundred odd pounds.
  15. The washer on the end of the kickstart shaft is a steel one on all of the ones I`ve had apart.
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