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  1. I have one on all of my 3 Sherpa Ts and they all work very well. Easy to get right and the D slide ones have much better pull right off the bottom.
  2. I think your suspicion may be correct. Someone has put a Pursang head on it. Or maybe it was done to fit a decompressor on the head.
  3. If you`re in the US then try Tim Weaver at Bultaco Classic and if you`re in the UK try Dave Renham at In Motion Trials. They might not have 198B sleeves but they may have some earlier ones. 198A or a 198.
  4. Wow. I have had 3 Australian 159s apart and they all had nuts to hold the clutch springs in as well as a few 158s were the same. We must have been lucky over here. Mine has nuts on it.
  5. That inner basket is the wrong one for a 159. A 159 should have nuts to hold the clutch springs in not pins. I think most of the later Sherpas all use the same clutch but I`m not sure when they changed from the pins to the nuts. But any clutch inner basket that used nuts should work.
  6. There is a few different spacers that go behind the clutch and the primary drive. Different widths/ heights. I know a 158 primary drive will not fit a 151 engine without changing both spacers as it sat at a different height and the primary chain didn`t line up.
  7. Hi Mark. Give Feet Up Fun a hoy. If anyone in Australia would know David probably would or maybe Paul from the Hell Team.
  8. Hi Greg. All of the Sherpa T models had 6 volt bulbs in them. Graham.
  9. Google would be your friend here I think. England is the best bet for all of this.
  10. Every batch of paint that Bultaco bought was a slightly different colour. I can remember in the very early eighties at a Trial over here there were 6 or 7 M199As all lined up in a row and all of the blues were slightly different.
  11. The Bultaco Red in PPG paints is Torch Red. Code DAR 74013. Thanks to Bultaco Classic for this information. I think In Motion also has spray cans of this red. The yellow is on the sidecovers because that is the universal colour that an open class motorcrosser has to have on all of its numberplates.
  12. You may find it will power 12 volt LEDs with no hassles. I know on the points ignition ones often you had to run a 12 volt bulb in the brake and tail light to stop them blowing bulbs. If you have to change the ignition then just buy a 12 volt system.
  13. Try Steve Goode. He has a page on Facebook. He has most Italjet parts. I do know where there is one but the bloke who owns it does not want to sell it.
  14. If I was you I would change the primary side crank seal and probably the ignition side as well. Especially if this engine has been sitting around for a while. The crank seals do go hard. They are pretty easy to change. You don`t have to split the engine in halves just pull the clutch and the primary drive off and put the seal carrier off. If you do this be sure to put a new O-ring in behind the spacer behind the primary drive Looking at your videos I would still give it a rebore and a new piston kit. Graham.
  15. You may want to try putting the damper rod bolt back in but nowhere near tight and giving the centre of the allen head bolt a whack with a pin punch to try and get the damper rod to start moving. A bit of heat as Feetupfun has said.
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