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  1. bullylover

    Fibreglass Paint Prep

    Use a 2 pack primer/filler and then use 2 pack paint as well. Also use a good brand of paint. PPG is great and there are a few other brands which are also very good. Remember preparation is everything. Sand the paint down before you put the stickers and the clear on. Graham.
  2. bullylover

    Toni Bou finishes clean but has a 5!

    Wow! I see what you mean.
  3. bullylover

    Help with Identifying Sherpa

    I`m not sure but the frame looks like it might be a Sammy Miller frame. The engine number will tell you which model engine it is. If it isn`t a Highboy frame then it has been modified a lot. The airbox is a 76 to early 78 one. Models M158/9, M182/3 and a M190/1.
  4. bullylover

    Sherpa T 350, 159 model. What handlebars??

    In Motion are the go here. I have 5 and a half inch Renthals on my 3 Sherpas but they also have black steel ones the same as the original Bultaco ones. The bend is basically the same as the Renthals. The Renthals come in either 5.5 and 6 inch height.
  5. bullylover

    Sherpa T piston pin spacers

    As peterb said the dished side of the spacers go against the top of the conrod over the ends of the gudgeon bearings. I use a little dab of grease to hold them in while assembling the top end. When you have the standard one piece bearing it is wider than the top of the conrod so I`m assuming the 2 smaller bearing are also wider. Graham.
  6. bullylover

    Tapered Head Bearings

    Have fun model 80. Over here in Australia no bearing supplier has taper roller bearings in the height you need for a Sherpa T. They are very narrow in height. The Pursang and Frontera ones are easy to get but not the Sherpa ones. Cheers Graham.
  7. bullylover

    Sherpa Kickstart

    These are the kickstarts used on the Tiron. M 73. I think they might have been used on a couple of the other early Bultacos as well.
  8. bullylover

    325 gear oil

    If you open the round plastic cover in the middle of the primary case you will find a 21mm or 13/16ths size nut which is locking a large flat blade screw. Back the lock nut off and adjust the screw to suit you. Just tighten until it just hits and then just back it off a fraction. Tighten it all up again and away you go. Give that a go. Graham.
  9. bullylover

    Bultaco engine

    It is a Pursang MK 6 175 so it looks like there were at least 430 made. Probably not many more than that though. I know the USA had a class for these but not many other countries did. Graham.
  10. bullylover

    Best air box for a 1979 325 Sherpa.

    The go to setup has always been a M159 style of airbox on the later Sherpas. They are supposed to breath a lot better. A lot of folk also use a M199B style of air filter in the M199A airbox which I have heard also works well. Graham.
  11. bullylover

    Sherpa t starting

    That sounds like either the pilot jet is still clogged or the pilot jet carby passage is clogged. I would also just check the timing as well just to rule that out. A 74 350 should be a M151. I have the same engine in my M199B. Graham.
  12. bullylover

    New to here and New build 199A

    Other things to look at are to make sure the clutch cam is clean and well greased and to make sure the pushrod is very clean and oiled. Also make sure the flat needle bearing which sits against the tophat inside the clutch has some grease on it too. Also use a Venhil cable and good levers. The standard Amal levers have a very good leverage ratio. All of those small things really do add up.
  13. bullylover

    Bultaco Astro.History lesson needed

    One difference between the Astros and Pursangs ( earlier ones anyway) is the Astros had a half a degree steeper steering head angle. This is why they slide better than the Pursangs.
  14. bullylover

    No Snap!

    See that adjustment screw on the top of the carby there is the second video. Use it to take out most of the slack in the cable. You still haven`t shown how much slack there is in the cable before the slide starts to move. There is only supposed to be 1 to 2mm of slack or play in the cable before the slide starts to move. Lube the cable with some WD 40 or CRC and also clean the insides of the throttle. That should remove the slow movement of the cable. Graham.
  15. bullylover

    Cylinder re-sleeve

    Enquire at all of the Bultaco dealers around. I`m sure the Weavers still have some and I know that Don Newells stock in Brisbane there is still quite a few there. In Motion would still have some as well. Then there is Spain. Still a lot of NOS parts there. Graham.