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  1. 199B Yokes

    Muchas gracias for the info just about got my 77 350 finnished (decals mudguards final polish ) and have a 78 350 waiting to restore, what year is your pictured bike ?
  2. 199B Yokes

    Hi Bondy love your bike what paint did you use for the frame ? did you take it back to the bare metal ?
  3. Ossacels (Spain)

    Hi fourex i dont know what parts you require but have you tried in motion (Bultaco UK) they advertise on this site and have a section for Ossa spares I use them here in Spain and service is first class hope this might help you out
  4. 1977 Sherpa 350 Engine Info ?

    Thanks for the reply Steve and yes base gasket manifold gasket and crank seals will be replaced
  5. 1977 Sherpa 350 Engine Info ?

    I am in the process of restoring my 77 350 Sherpa I am at the rolling chassis stage and now checking the motor over, before I started the project I rode the bike and all vital signs were good ie: gearbox selecting as normal clutch responding as normal engine crisp and responsive, I have taken ths cylinder head off and decoked the head and piston crown. I noticed there is no head gasket is this normal on my model ? also stamped on the cylinder close to the overlap joint is 159 R my engine No, is JM-19100771 the bore is unmarked with a std. Mahle piston any help gratefully received Stanley
  6. Hola crowley have you tried contacting www.castrolclassicoils.co.uk ? they offer a UK postal service so maybe they could post to your M I L before she visits you, hope this may help .
  7. Bultaco Sherpa M190 Rebuild Finished

    Superb restoration enjoy your new machine to the MAX
  8. Psi Newton Meters Conversion

    thank you for the link richt I will be there
  9. Psi Newton Meters Conversion

    thanks for the post rich t I will be visiting Cheshire on the 22 of August for 1 week staying with family at Stanthorne near Middlewich do you know of any Trial events that weekend near by ?
  10. Psi Newton Meters Conversion

    Hola mags I am enlightened for the correct ft.lbs. setting via guys at 12lbs. I am 136m above sea level measured from center of garage floor via Tom Tom gps
  11. Psi Newton Meters Conversion

    And I thought setting the points on my Sherpa was challenging so with me at total body mas of 99kg. what is the minimum volume of helium (HE) I need to counter balance a medium to very hard fall AKA disoriented/winded kg/kmol = lost control.
  12. Rebuild Is Finished

    super looking machine ,did you polish the cases yourself and if so what did you use ? fibre wheel/drill/polishing mop compound etc,
  13. Psi Newton Meters Conversion

    If i fill the front tyre with 100% nitrogen will it be easier to wheelie ? and also if I lose control over rocky terrain could I then breath in the nitrogen from the inner tube to ease the pain ?
  14. Psi Newton Meters Conversion

    Thanks for the replies afrer a "caja de San Miguel" it has become clearer in my head as guys posted 12ft.lbs it is then stocking up on " inspiration fluid SM." before i check my Tyre pressures
  15. I need to re torque the cylinder head on my 350 77 Sherpa the manual give a torque setting of 15 PSI can any one tell me what this is in Newton meters ? confused of Javea