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  1. ironraptor04

    New Swm

    I am in some urgent need of some parts. I need a new stator and magneto. I pulled off my left hand cover to check it out and there were to loose bolts that chewed it up bad in there. How do i get the flywheel/magneto off also. i will give my aunt a call she works for bombardia also so i can ask her to did up stuff for me. thanks again. and I would like to get this thing running shortly
  2. ironraptor04

    New Swm

    well i know the frame was orange. and the last 4 on the neck are 0347 if that helps any more
  3. ironraptor04

    New Swm

    there are some more pics for you guys i can get more if needed. and how could i find out if it has been registered anyware. i Live in Peoria, az, usa is there any vin on these or just that 4 number code on the neck
  4. ironraptor04

    New Swm

    Hey guys what is up. As you can probably tell I am new here. I just picked up a 1973 SWM RS250 MC and i dont know a thing about them. But i am hoping you guys can help. The bike is in really ruff shape right now. I have been told that it runs but it doesnt have a kicker and as of right now he thought the coil or the plug were bad. Were do you guys get parts for these bikes. I would like to try and restore to as close to original as i can. down to frame color( I think it was orange). so if you guys could help me out here. I am mechanicaly inclined and have a background in bikes . I just dont know anything about this bike. Thanks again any help will be greatly apreciated. Chris oh ya forgot the pics
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