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    fantic 305 ??
  1. wookey

    What Fuel/oil Mix

    Thanks for the information, all new to me. Wook
  2. wookey

    What Fuel/oil Mix

    I've just bought an '84 ty250. Could you tell me the fuel/oil mixture ratio and do I use fully synthetic? Wook
  3. wookey

    Poor Running 305 ?

    Brill, got that. Will print them off. Forum is excellent, wouldn't know where to start otherwise
  4. Hi, got the chance of a scruffy '84 ty250. It is road registered with a V5, sounds OK. What should I pay?
  5. wookey

    Poor Running 305 ?

    Mmm, thanks, I'll try that. Any idea what grade plug it should have?
  6. wookey

    Poor Running 305 ?

    HELP! I i've just bought, what I think is a 305, but really not sure and don't know how to tell. The problem is that it starts on choke but the runs erratically, revs quite high and then cuts out unless I can give it a bit of choke. I't's been stood a few years. Can anyone help? Does anyone know how many 'turns out' the slow running screw should be? Any ideas?? Wookey
  7. wookey


    Hi, I'm a new member. I just bought, what is believed to be a Fantic 305 but really not sure. It's been stood a few years, desperate to use it. The problem is the engine starts, on choke but then runs erratically. I'm not sure if the carb has been messed with. Does anyone know the amount of screws 'out', the slow running jet. Anyone know anything about it? How can I tell what model it is? Wookey
  8. Hi, Based in S.Wales, justbought myself an old Fantic. Maybe a 305 but not sure, maybe someone can identify it for me. Needs a bit of work to get it useable.Thanks, Wook
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