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  1. well folk's iv'e been sat back for a few days now reading all the reply's with interest, fair enough with low entry events there is not the number of family/friends to cover sections but one club that i belong to ran a 7 round summer easy/beginners series last year and i think had an average entry of 91 riders with one trial at 161 riders, down here most club events are between 40-80 and championship rounds are around 70-100+ riders so events are well supported but still struggle to cover sections. just to open another can of worms i think that no-stop events will help reduce the time length of a trial which means observers wont be stood out for so long which may encourage more people to pick up a board , i'm not knocking the clubman/expert riders doing all their hopping/balancing cos that's how sections are set out for them but as a novice rider i could sometimes ride a section twice in the time its takes them, no-stop keeps the trial moving (my opinion) keep the thread going it's interesting reading
  2. hi all just wondering if other centres struggle with getting observers like down here in the south-west and have clubs got any incentives to get people to observe eg: free entries for riders who supply an observer, free meal vouchers etc etc.
  3. heard today its a urine infection
  4. yes you are right they do sound like the main bearings are noisy even when running, if you dont know parts like brakes,sprockets,fork seals are the same as the tlr 250
  5. hi the tlm's no match against your 315 BUT for what they are they are a good bike, bit heavy but they are all steel, if the engine's good they have plenty of power. i have 3 2x 200 & a 220 here's a picture at least you can tell which model it is the yellow one is a 200 the other a 220 or have a look at http://www.honda-trials.com/_sgg/m1m7_1.htm http://i1002.photobucket.com/albums/af142/feetup0/ty-tlm009.jpg
  6. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NOS-Honda-CR80-CB450-TLR200-Seal-Stop-90601-GC4-731-/180631923214?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2a0e806a0e http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NOS-Honda-CR80-TLR200-CB450-Oil-Seal-Ring-90601-GC4-731-/180666145945?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item2a108a9c99 should be the same
  7. this may help you http://www.honda-trials.com/_sgg/m7_1.htm
  8. including buying it my tlr has cost me around
  9. yep i agree fab weekend made even better by the weather, george did a great job at cove with some very tricky sections, roll on the dartmoor as for pic's www.southwestclassictrials.co.uk
  10. hi gingertom price wise they dont seem to be making much more than
  11. hi keychange i used a ty 250 mono front guard on mine just to be different from the normal universal guards,the rear is from a montesa 242 as for what other hondas were fitted with the original guards TLM'S & RTL'S others that may have bits http://www.honda-trials.com/_sgg/f10000.htm try the links
  12. same here as i said been using in both tlm's for the last year with out any probs before that in a ty175 and when i had a dt175 mx Comp2 injector.
  13. 10-44 seems to be ideal, in 2nd gear they will go anywhere, are you are at merivale on saturday? can have a chat i will be either on a blue/white tlr or my tlm
  14. Sam i use Slikolene comp2 premix in both my TLM's @ 50:1 mix (100ml per 5ltrs fuel, comp2 is a synthetic ester oil i've been using it for over a year now and riding most weekends, dont bother with R30 yes it smells nice coming out from somthing like a triumph cub but stick with a modern oil for the TLM
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