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  1. If it is you, then get it running and we'll hit the river bed.
  2. If you are who I think you are, surely there'll be a spare one amongst all the bits? - and get the front brake working first. Apologies if it's not you.
  3. Thanks for the answer. Has anyone put them on with the TK carb - if so what jets?
  4. Hi all I have a 1984 TY250 Mono. As far as I can tell it is bog standard. It runs OK. My questions are: Would fitting Boyesen reeds make much difference? Would they require jetting changes? I put some on a TY175 a few years ago and with jetting mods recommended by John Cane it made quite a difference. I'm not so familiar with the Mono so any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. It's a 1984 TY 250 mono. It's got the shock with the remote reservoir. I've taken the preload to the max and wound the spring to it's tightest setting with the two locking rings. The back end bottoms out far too easily - I'm about 100kg with all my gear on. Is there anything else I can do? Does anyone do a heavy duty spring? Should I put a packer in front of the lock rings so they compress existing spring more? My guess is I'll lose some travel but it might be worth it? Should I lay off the beer and pies to lose a few kg's (I think this has to be a very last resort)? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  6. Am making great progress Peter - have sent you a pm with details which should give you a laugh.
  7. I found an online manual for the TY350 mono that says cylinder head nuts torque to 22nm. Is the setting the same for the TY250 mono? Does anyone know where I can download a 250 Mono manual? Thanks
  8. Hi Bilks. Thanks for the answer. My welding is not that great so I'll probably get a local welder involved. Any chance of some pics of your mod? Thanks.
  9. Does anyone do lowering brackets for the TY mono foot pegs? I know Sammy Miller does them for the twinshock. I'm keen to avoid cutting and welding if I can. If I can't avoid cut and weld does anyone have any drawings to help fabrication?
  10. And them at home think we are out having fun?
  11. It does look good. I've emailed them to try and get some more info - especially the clamp size They do different lengths so it'd be a case of which is best?
  12. My TY175 has the side stand coming off the left hand foot rest plate. I am thinking about getting lowered footrests and using one of these (see link) instead of bodging my existing stand onto new footrest mounting plates. http://ultimatebikebitz.co.uk/details.asp?PartNo=891921 Has anyone used these or something similar? Any feedback appreciated.
  13. I have put the TY250 forks and yokes onto my 175 and they feel vastly superior with my 110kg onboard. If you search through this forum you will find this discussion quite a few times. This swap worked out to be for free for me, if it was going to cost me a decent sum then I might not have done it. See here: http://www.trialscentral.com/forums/topic/34698-ty250-bits-to-a-ty175/page__p__261375__hl__%2Bty250+%2Bty175+%2Bswap__fromsearch__1#entry261375 I sold the 250 with all the knackered bits from the 175 on it for the same money I'd paid for it in the first place.
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