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  1. A factory Husky ride for Billy Bolt and with Graham Jarvis as a team mate..! I can't wait to see what happens in the extreme enduro 2017 season. http://www.enduro21.com/index.php/extreme/1670-billy-bolt-joins-jarvis-in-husky-extreme-team
  2. colin008

    Btc Rider

    Yep, Vertigo need many more dealers around the country to make local top riders change brands. Like me, I'm sure our local expert riders like to support their local dealers, and If they don't sell Vertigo.. the majority will buy the brand their local dealer can sell and support. But best of luck to JD with GG in the future.
  3. Hi, do you mean the regulator above the radiator..? Or where is the capacitor?
  4. No never needed to use octane booster, It was just that one time when I purchased low grade petrol that caused the detonation problem.
  5. Had mine for 8 months now and have used it at least once a week, I don't expect any problems to arise for the rest of the year. As far as the ECU go's personally I don't think much can go wrong with the sealed unit, its not really new technology these days. I run mine mainly sea level from -1* to 20* with out issues, yes you can feel the difference in the maps and I'm starting to use map 4 more often which makes the electric fan run more frequently, switching to map 3 gives it more fuel to cool it down again. In the past I've had to purchase 93 octant fuel which made it pink!! keep to the premium fuel.
  6. I purchased a black number board from my local dealer and cable tied it on over the original plastic 3 pointed LED holder. It has a slight curve but it looks and works ok.
  7. Here in the UK we don't need lights to become road legal, sorry I can't help.
  8. Gale force winds means it has been delayed until 5pm Sunday. http://www.trialscentral.com/headline-stories/18626-lampkin-wheelie-attempt-postponed
  9. I had a problem with the leather on my 7 week old no-stop boots. The leather was very poor. I did have to return them to the Alpinestars dealer where I purchased them from. Then they needed to ship them to Alpinestars HQ. About 4 weeks later i received a brand new pair... In the mean time i purchased some Wolf boots which i'm still using. I sold the brand new Alpinestars i received as the leather still looked poor quality. Good Alpinestars service, but the timescale of 4 weeks was a little OTT
  10. Hahaha very true. "As always if new riders worry about making a fool of themselves when starting up competitions then take this as a boost to your confidence....It happens to the best of them."
  11. A little video from yesterday at Shaftoe crags. Section 10
  12. Great stuff, thanks for posting them.
  13. Personally I think both fuel injected 2-strokes mentioned have very smooth power delivery and there must be something wrong with my vertigo as it's defo not frightening power wise. But for a novice with 1 or 2 years trials experience a 200cc bike would be perfect to help give a novice rider confidence.
  14. Imagine Billy Bolt's skill level with a few years experience..!
  15. I could not make that trial, but I loved looking at the images. You got some fantastic action water shots.
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