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  1. Hi Colin 008 the capacitor is just after the battery, The dabster, the capacitors are £87.08 but too pricey to keep one as a spare
  2. Hi, replaced the capacitor tonight and the bike fired up first kick and running spot on so just a blown capacitor not sure of the cause,
  3. Hi telecat, my bikes running a bpmr4 and has not been re mapped, should have the capacitor tomorrow so see if that sorts it
  4. That's just what vertigo uk advise I was up there getting it tweaked abit and they say half / full throttle and kick hold until revs pick up,I don't know if that's right or not but if factory say that who am I to argue!!
  5. Should add I usually start the bike with half throttle not keen on full throttle
  6. Spoke to them today and looks like the capacitor has blown carnt fault there after sales a new capacitor is in the post to me all under warranty top after sales
  7. The full throttle is how vertigo advise starting them hold full throttle kick it and let go when the revs pick up don't no why but that's what they advise and no 1st problem I've had and bikes 4mth old
  8. Thanks for the reply hopefully just the capacitor I'll ring them on Monday and see what they say Cheers
  9. Hi I've got an ice hell 300 The bike starts but immediately dies if you hold the throttle wide open after kicking it the bike revs then dies then revs then dies it keeps doing this until you let go of throttle then it dies it's as if someone holding the kill button but tried a new one and a new plug Anyone had a similar problem Cheers chris
  10. Hi does anyone know the size of the bulb in the rear brake light The one that's in has blown and there's no markings on it Thanks
  11. hi I've got a 2014 sherco 300 and i'm wanting to re spray/ powder coat the frame but looking at the frame numbers they seem embossed not engraved and just wondering if anyone's had any experience with getting one of these frames re sprayed/powder coated and will I loose the frame numbers? also what's best powder coating or spraying? any advice much appreciated thanks chrs
  12. Thanks for the reply line away I've looked on the parts manual for the bike and carnt find the 3 springs you mentioned a y chance you can point me In the right direction Here's the parts manual Thanks http://www.beta-uk.com/images/stories/spares-pdfs/2007/rev125-200engine.pdf
  13. Hi Im repairing a 2007 125 for a friend who recently bought the bike as a non runner as it wouldn't engage any gears. I've striped the couch basket out and the casing to find the shift fork broken I've replaced the compleate shift fork assembly and rebuilt the bike all good to this point I ran it for the first time tonight and here are the problems I've got it goes up the gears fine but coming back down goes into neutral between every gear and can only find neutral when bike is off between 5th and 6th gear it also grinders the gear when shifting down any help on this would be. Much appreciated many thanks chris
  14. Thanks jfc that's perfect ????
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