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  1. I wear varifocal glasses all the time and can't see very well without them. The problem I have with them is my spatial awareness when standing up on the bike is, unless I'm looking straight down, is ****e! I was wondering if other spec wearers have this problem?
  2. They arn't photos but if you check out the video page on here you'll find my efforts.
  3. And the last one before the battery went flat on me ​
  4. A little vid I shot at section one on Sunday. ​
  5. A very enjoyable day observing (on section one) for a very friendly bunch of Trialers, the weather held up well enough for the rain coat not really to be needed I've got photos of everyone that made it through the two laps, have a look for KB-Media on Facebook or PM me what numbered rider you are after, and give me an email address and I'll send you the proofs. Keith (and Patty) Section 1, Sunday
  6. I take it the start/carpark will be arrowed from the village?
  7. Just wondering if anyone has anymore tips on this post? I'm a big lad but also work as a Postie which means lots of walking = huge calves. Thanks in advance
  8. We are back in the UK now but will be back in LHC next September/October.
  9. I get over to LHC every couple of years from the UK, would be good to meet up.
  10. Yip that was me I have about 200 images, I don't think TC will be very happy if I post them all on this site. If you pm me your comp number and email address I'll send the proofs I have of you.
  11. Hi Folks, I spent a bit of time in the mid 90's going to trials with a few mates, did a bit of observing, took a few photos and had the odd ride at practice days. I'm back, I took some pics at my first trial for years on Sunday but sadly I can't post a link to my Facebook page on here to share them. I'm hoping to get a bike in the next couple of months, and hope to be out on some easy courses buy the back end of next year. Keith aka Big Kat
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