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  1. That is the right rear exhaust, you will need to take the shock out, from memory the mounts are slightly different so you may have to do a bit of drilling/fileing to make it work, hopefully you have the 2014/15 sherco front exhaust to otherwise it won't work without an adaptor.
  2. When the front caliper on my sherco went i found it wasnt much more expensive to change the caliper to the indestructible ajp 4 pot, but you will need a new hose at the same time. Another thing to look out for is the rear brake caliper, make sure you keep plenty of pad in these as the pistons in the rear caliper are very short and are easily damaged if they come out too far, mine started cocking to one side and wouldn't return once they came out and in the end i replaced the whole system with ajp and havent had a problem since. Also if you do in future decide to change to an ajp rear, make sure you change the rear wheel disk side spacer to the thicker one
  3. S3 did levers but they were pretty average. You can replace the master cylinders on their own too, they use the same m10x1mm thread as the ajp, braktec or gremica master cylinders, although you may notice a change in feel with the brake as they use a slightly larger bore.
  4. http://www.splatshop.co.uk/tech-fork-top-out-spring-bush.html Mine came out in pieces in an oil change after I had a fork spring fail
  5. I have retrofitted ktm and husqvarna brembo I cylinders in the past with varying success. The first one I did is perfect, great feel, smooth and lots more power than the formula set it replaced. This requires a hose change to one with 10mm banjos on both ends and is expensive to buy the master cylinder new but they do come up cheap on eBay from time to time
  6. You could try John from beta new Zealand, John has mountains of old beta parts stored in his shed you may get lucky NZTrials@xtra.co.nz
  7. The rear on my sherco did this also, pistons have such a short skirt in the formula calliper that when you're getting low on pads they can skew easily when returning. Not sure if this is your problem but I fixed it by forcing the pads back into the calliper and replacing the pads
  8. I've ordered one down here in New Zealand, but it's a few weeks away, does anyone have any details on the "surflex R"clutch or lightened gearbox?
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