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  1. 2014 Sherco 300 I havlooked at the parts diagram And can't figure out whAt this seal is. It was wrapped Around the short spring when I disassembled it to change a fork seal
  2. Just wondering who in the UK or Europe is a reliable source of parts for my 05, 06 4RT? A website would be helpful. Also there seems to be many parts that are interchangeable with Hondas, has someone made a list of part numbers in this forum? I was quoted almost $20 US for the 2 O-rings that sometimes need to replaced when changing the oil and I found them for other Hondas (OEM ) for less than $4 US. I am now in need of a muffler cover OEM for a 06 4RT . Thanks and have a great day!
  3. I believe it is in the manual. The left leg adj sets the spring preload for ride height I believe.
  4. Thanks ' I understand the rear and the N/s fork but there are 2 settings on the o/s fork (compression-clicker underneath ) and rebound (Blue knob on top) . Is the 10 clicks out on the rebound knob? and if so what do you have the compression clicker under the fork set at?
  5. Thanks, That is exactly the kind of info I needed.
  6. I am a 175 lb sportsman class rider and am in need of suspension setting tips . I am curious about the preload screw on the lt fork. When I turn it all the way in and back it out 2 turns as per the manual it seems like it is not doing anything except unscrewing the adjuster, in other words no friction or tension is on it when it is turned out 2 turns. As for the comp and rebound adjustments is the compression adjuster on the bottom of the rt fork is it at full compression when turned all the way in ? The rebound adjuster on the rt fork seems to have no effect whether it is turned all the way in or out. I just need a good baseline setting from somebody who understands this stuff.
  7. 82911sc


    $8.55 plus shipping for ea for the 2 rearmost fender bolts on my 06 4RT. Is that what you guys pay in the UK or Europe ? $40.00 for a OEM frt disc guard? I love the bike but only having one distributor in the US sucks
  8. Thanks for the advice, I got it sorted out!
  9. Thanks, Do any of the 3 holes on your bike have a steel insert? Im trying to figure out if the previous owner had a insert installed.
  10. My 06 4RT had a 10t front and a 41 rear when I bought it. I put on a 9t fr sprocket and now my chain is way too long, If I take a link off (which is really 2) it will be to short. There are 3 holes on the swingarm for the round head hex bolts for the cam adjusters to butt up to but only the middle one has a steel threaded insert. My question is can I use the hole that is closest to the axle even though it doesnt have a steel threaded insert? My chain is new and has 102 links
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