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  1. What mods can be done on the 290 to give it bit more Proformance!
  2. Heading down the watch the Scott trial next month for the first time and wondering were about am able to spectate from ?
  3. Yea lockie I have fuel filter fitted between tank and fuel pump
  4. hamill_glen

    Losing Petrol

    Out on the bike today and I notice the bikes was losing a good amount off petrol from the over flow on the carb !so went back the the van and took the carb apart and cleaned the jets etc and put all back together and worked fine . Then after about 45 mins same thing happened again ! Back to the van etc striped carb apart cleaned it put all back together n still the same problem . Tried that coulple more times and it kept losing petrol even when the bike wasn't started . What could the problem be ? (2013 sherco290 )
  5. Have recently changed the master cylinder on my sherco to ajps . And put a new set of front break pads on to but keep having problem with the front breaks sticking . I've managed to free the Pistons but they just keep sticking on ! Anyone able to advise me on this problem ?
  6. Managed to get it done by back bleeding them . Worked first time ??
  7. There new master cylinders . Will give the back bleeding them ago later .
  8. Have just swapped over to ajp master cyclinders on my 2013 sherco . And not getting any presser in the front brake ? What could the problem be
  9. Think I'll just be changing the master cylinders ! As not to keen on the standered ones .
  10. Just wondering what other leavers are available for the 2013 model
  11. Just bought myself a sherco and wonder what carb settings other people are using ? And any other maintence tips for the bike Thanks
  12. Sorry for got to say returning from Australia
  13. Planning on return to live in the uk some times this year and hoping to bring my two trials bikes with me . Was wondering if anyone has done this before and did they have much hassle when the bike arrived in the uk ?
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