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  1. The new Sherco factory replica. Like the colors, looks like the cabestany replica from 2 years ago!
  2. Funny. a few days ago this link showed two photos, one photo with on the back of the helmet "Loris". The page is edited yesterday and the photo from the back of the helmets is removed. Also the text is edited. Anyways, Gubian is one of the Ossa riders.
  3. Found one photo. Anyone more photo's from this bike?
  4. http://www.trial-club.com/webzine-trial/actualites/infos-internationales/detail-de-linfo/?tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=8277&tx_ttnews%5BbackPid%5D=68&cHash=e91c0d407c strange news
  5. Did the FIM anounce the dates for the indoor trial champ. 2012? I cannot find them, and it's now october! Someone total calendar or some dates?
  6. larstrialinfo

    New Greeves

    I heard they reorganise the company a bit. Very strange, they traveled around europe last year to find importers. Than they produced only a few bikes and every time they changed things. They chose for to expensive solutions and they don't have the space and the people to produce a lot of bikes. So they don't can buy a lot of parts in one time, what makes the bike even more expensive. In euros the bike will cost more than 7000. that's idiot i think
  7. larstrialinfo

    New Greeves

    Test of the Greeves trialbike by me. last year. Greeves Test
  8. larstrialinfo

    New Greeves

    Hey! that white van is mine:P
  9. i know. i ride a 280 2 stroke scorpa 2011. they still use yamaha engines for the 125cc 4 stroke and the T-ride. So why not for the sy 250FR? I love my scorpa. The new one is so more competative. Because of the sherco engine of corse.
  10. But why is the SY 250FR not on the website of Scorpa. Is the bike not available at the moment?
  11. yea. and help from the teammanager, is that allowed? Fajardo had a lot of problems this year with the Ossa. All the Ossa riders have problems the bike isn't clean. They put they trottle full open, a few times, before they take a big rock. And lots of clutch problems. Fajardo had races he need a new clutch after one lap. To make sure the clutch is allright, they replace a clutch now after the first lap. (what i've seen this year a few times)
  12. maybe no 2012 model. seems that sherco is not trying to conquer the world with scorpa.. seriously. our importer is trying the whole year to get some merchandise like stickers, caps, flags and receive nothing.
  13. Hi everyone, I saw the 2012 pics of the Gas Gas. rear shock is Sachs, no Reiger. Why? Or is the Reiger only for the factory (replica) bikes?
  14. larstrialinfo

    scorpa 280

    I have one Like the looks. It rides the same as the sherco, (sherco engine) but the balance and the suspension are better.
  15. here is a total calendar, hopefully the dates are right, cause the article is from 7-7-2010. http://www.planetetrial.com/articles.php?lng=fr&pg=17081
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