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  1. Alpine star are the best for support that I have found.
  2. Mine is only 10hour old and just wanted to do the 1st oil change. But yes it was silping a bit in 5th/6th the other day on the road. So yer thanks 4 that and 550ml do seem like a over kill. Cheers
  3. Im Hearing you. I know in my 4rt manual it has 3 Measurtments for this reason. I ended up going with 450ml as that is what oil I got out and it is half way in the window. Thanks
  4. Thanks as I see on the website it says 550.
  5. Hi Can any one please tell me how much gear oil a Beta Factory 300cc take and whats the best to use. Thanks Karl
  6. He still beating guys just about half his age in the wtc, but Dougie is the best man to call that. 8)
  7. Hi Any one know what the 2011 dates are for the World Trials Champs. Cheers
  8. hi Can any one please tell me what size the spacers have to be to make a mont wheel fit a GG. Thanks
  9. mostar

    2010 300cc Power

    Hi all. Looking at maybe getting a 300cc and just want to ask any guys out there that have the 2010 300cc as what the power is like at the bottom to what pre years of the 300cc GG has been like or is it just the same as pre years Thanks for any info guys
  10. TTT 1st and 2nd Nice one. Wigg & Jack And from the same land as well. even better
  11. I was there and it is real. MEGA
  12. Hi Any one had there 4rt drip antifreeze coolant out the over flow hose when bike gettting hot. Rode in a trial two days ago and it was dripping slowly all day. checked at end of day and was just below the top of the fins. I put in maybe 100mls . and then the next day it did the same. Someone said to me it could be the radiator cap. Any one have any info before I look into this more. Cheers.
  13. Hi Just letting you know bike now has spark. it turned out to be one power wire that was broken. but not right though and when I did the test it show up ok . but when I went to try and get spark or start it was not touching together. So after many hours it now is all gud. Stator was OK as well. Cheers for the help
  14. New plug should have done it. maybe blow all the electrical conections with air compresser and take the one of the throttle body under the seat as well and bolw out. a little water maybe in there. This has worked for me before. All the best
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