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  1. Hi there, did the flywheel covers for a 240 get made? I looking to complete a 125 pro to a 156 and would like the flywheel cover and a heavier flywheel to suit!!

    Cheers Paul

  2. Looks like the bearing cage is missing, could have been a plastic cage that has disintegrated?
  3. grib

    Smokey Fantic 240

    I clean my 240 exhaust by burning it out, I have used a blow torch in the past but it takes ages, now I build a fire and put the exhaust on top - get it really hot and wait for the smoke to stop coming out, you will know when it is clean. You will get a hundred opinions on the amount of oil to use, but I am happy running my 240 at 66:1 using fully synthetic trials specific oil, usually Putoline. Have you changed the gear oil? If the LH seal is leaking you should get noticeably less back out when you drain it after doing a trial. I have noticed mine running 'flat' as you describe it when it has been burning its gear oil, different smell to the exhaust too.
  4. My preference is 11:41
  5. Another method which works well when removing the flywheel is to tighten the puller bolt and then give the head of the bolt a sharp tap with a copper hammer.
  6. grib

    240 coil

    The hand drawn diagram above is correct for wiring the 240 stator to the later type coil. I would suggest taking the flywheel off and checking the stator, the only way to remove the flywheel is with the correct puller.
  7. grib

    1994 Fantic K Roo

    Hi Hap, I have attached the parts list but I don't have the wiring diagram - I have attached the handbook for a 307 which contains the newest Fantic wiring diagram I have, but a 307 is air cooled so doesn't have a fan. Fantic electrics are all very similar, the fan on your K-roo would probably have a rectifier in the circuit somewhere...... Fantic_K-roo_250_94Mod.pdf Manuale-307.pdf
  8. Grimeca hubs were used on lots of different bikes of that era - the wheel is probably off something else.
  9. I have tried ATF, I found the clutch was OK but a bit on the grabby side, but it made the gearbox very notchy - quite difficult to get in to neutral.
  10. Parts list for the engine, and (Italian) handbook attached. I use fully synthetic Putoline trials oil at 66:1 in my 240, and Putoline light gear oil in the gearbox. Fantic 125-200.pdf Manuale-Uso-Manutenzione-Trial200.pdf
  11. You cant replace one crankcase - they are machined as a pair. I would agree that having it Tig welded and re-machined would be the best solution.
  12. The spring is 3.7mm inside diameter, 5.4mm outside diameter and 10mm long.
  13. There must be a suppler of Dellorto parts in Canada? I will measure a spring tonight so you have the dimensions as an alternative though. If you had the throttle valve screw one turn out from fully in that will be the reason for your high revs - unscrew it until it holds the slide open by just a small amount (0.5mm or so) then use it to adjust the idle speed with the engine running.
  14. Jerry there is no air screw on your carb, only a pilot (fuel) screw and a throttle stop. Is it the smaller screw without the external spring that you have 1 turn out?
  15. Without a hole in the pipe no fuel will be drawn out of the carb, the two stubs are float bowl vents and need to be open to atmospheric pressure, a lot of people (me included) don't use a pipe at all on the vents. The 'pin' in your photo is the float needle which allows fuel to flow in to the carb. The needle should be a free fit in the other part (the needle valve), if you turn it upside down it should fall out. It could just be gummed in place with old fuel/oil, but the chances are it needs replacing, if it doesn't shut off properly you will have crankcases full of fuel. Page 4 here; http://dellorto.it/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/dellorto_manual.pdf
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