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  1. As I'm reading more, this pin is called the idle mixture adjustment screw. This is the piece that I don't have a spring for. I was turning the throttle valve screw open one full turn. oops! I need the sizing of this spring if anyone has it? if not, I will order one from your side of the pond. It takes 3 weeks and cost 10.00 quid to ship. the part only cost .63 cents. that's about 25.00 Canadian dollars. cheers
  2. After looking into this further I have found this part on one of the links you guys provided me. I don't have the spring on my air mixture pin. It is a 36mm pin. can someone tell me if I can use any spring that fits or does it need to be the manufactures spring? If I can go to a bike shop here in Canada and ask for the length would be nice. does anyone know the dimensions of this spring? Thanks Jerry
  3. Yes it is. The bike ran very well. My son rode it for the first time with no issues except the small screw beside the ( fuel ) screw keeps vibrating loose and when I close the choke on the carb after it warms up, the bike revs very high. I need to leave it open to ride it? I want to thank everyone for their help and guidance . This is a great site and I wouldn't of been able to get this bike running without you guys. Thanks again. if anyone can answer why this come loose and why I can't close the choke would be appreciated. The screw when fully removed has a washer and o ring on it ( in great condition ) . if I leave it out a full turn the bike runs well but comes loose. If I screw it in all the way, it revs high?
  4. Hey Christian, I removed the carb yesterday and removed everything. I cleaned all ports and jets reassembled and did the blow test. The air flows nicely with bowl removed and a touch more resistance when it is installed. When I plug the float tube connections, the air seems less restricted? When the hose is attached its returns to restricted but still flows.( I do have a small hole in the tube). When the bowl was removed an I blew thru the gas hose, the pin seated nicely restricting the air flow. I have the floats set at 24mm when upside down. I did notice that there was air coming out of the 10 mm fuel inlet that covers the screen. I gave it a small rotation and tightened the 10mm. now it seals. I am hoping to re install carb today and find out that the problem was the seal of the inlet. I will feel very dumb if this was the case. All this time, all I needed to do was blow in to the fuel line. I will let you know how it turns out. I have had Grib walk me thru many steps as well. He provided manuals and specs to help me set the Carb (he is awesome) . I have set the fuel pin (side of carb) at one full turn open when closed. I cant seem to find the spec for the air screw beside it? Thanks again Jerry
  5. Thanks for the info. I will try all this again. I have done everything you suggested except the fuel mix screw. Good weather is coming Mon and Tues. I don't have a garage just a tool shed. ( limited space ) . The gas comes out of the tank freely and when I add the fuel hose, the gas comes out 1 inch then sucks back into the fuel tank. I have to remove the fuel line partially and the gas will fill the line and carb. It fires up and idles a little high for a few seconds then it revs up higher to redline then it just cuts off. The fuel doesn't suck out of the tank into the hose or into the carb. I have to remove the hose from the tank and then it flows til the bowl if full? Like I said earlier, the only thing I haven't tried is removing the fuel mix screw and cleaning it. I will keep you informed. Jerry
  6. Good Morning everyone, Good news, I installed the new coil and there is a spark. Now I have another issue. The gas isn’t flowing from the tank to the carb? I have to fill the hose manually and then it doesn’t flow into the carb? Any Ideas? I cleaned the carb and it all looks good. The only issue I have is the travel of the fuel valve. I see that there is a rubber tip on the end and it does move freely. My concerns is the little amount of travel. Should there be a noticeable amount of travel when the float is moved? Is this even a concern when the gas isn't flowing . I put a few drops into the spark plug and it fired for a second. It was nice to hear it for a 10th of a second. Cheers Jerry Here is the valve before I cleaned it
  7. There was, I replaced it? Was I wrong? Is this top pin meant to be tight or is it made to go up and down?
  8. How does the carb bowl come apart from the carb? There seems to be no external screws holding the 2 pieces together? I removed the drain plug but I cant see it holding the 2 pieces together. I don't want to try and pry the 2 sections apart and ruin the gasket.
  9. Yes I did and nothing came out. It was dry as a bone.
  10. I am using a N3 champion plug. It is recommended in the manual. Any other suggestions? I have a coil on order from your side of the pond. It should be here this week. If that doesn't work, I will be buying a new stator. Thanks Jerry
  11. Should I drain the gear oil before I flip it as well?
  12. Yes, You are right. I didn't look for that because I didn't know how. I will try this tonight when I get home. I'm a welder by day and new to the bike world at night. I didn't check because lack of knowledge. Thanks for the tip. The plug is completely dry when I remove it. there isn't a wet mark what so ever. If there was something in the cylinder, won't that show on the plug?
  13. Good Morning, It appears to be not a kick start issue. I realized that the compression is so strong that it can hold me up when I stand on it. I was afraid to break the shaft so I went lightly on it. If I push slow and straight down with lots of force the kick starter follow thru to half way ( foot peg area). Is this normal? I took the CDI off and it was clean, no corrosion. There is no spark from the new or old spark plug when it is against the head. I am using a N3C Champion plug.
  14. Thanks Cangy 1000, I have removed the fuel tank and unplugged the ignition coil. It says Ducati and it is the original 1984. It looks brand new and the bike was stored in doors climate controlled. There isn't a spec of corrosion on the wires or bike. I will replace this first since it is the cheapest. I was going to sell this bike but the more I read and learn from you guys,the more I work on it, the more I'm liking it. Thanks for the info. Jerry
  15. Thanks feetuprun, Will this have anything to do with no spark as well? I'm new to this dirt bike / trial bike world. I'm a welder by trade and a youtube mechanic that is fighting to find info on this bike.
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